Jones Beach

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Good morning kiddies! And that it is! Thanks for all the good wishes! I did get excellent seats. 11th row right orch.

Set list was pretty much the same as Boston's ... altho it was not Afterlife he sang, I would have loved to hear it, but just as sweet ... he sang Sweet! And throughout the night I'd hear him belt out in an almost piglike squeal ... "sweeeeeeeeeet!" Todd joked about "rumor" (not sure if that was exactly what he said) of his song being used in the GAP commercial and that he was going to kick back and wait for those checks to roll in (could he have been referring to the thread here somewhere?) He definitely was in a fabulous mood last nite.

This was my first H&O concert, and they were absolutely fantastic. Darryl looked healthy and sang even healthier ... what a voice! And altho I'm not biggest fan of theirs I was happy to be able to sing every song they played.

When Todd joined them later on, there was this feeling that rushed over me as I watched him ... dancing and jumping around the stage being the goofball entertainer that he is, having a downright good time ... but it was his smile that he wore last night from ear to ear ... it brought me back 30 years ago to my first Todd years. I just wanted to run up on stage and kiss him and tell him how much I loved him. I know ... what a sap I sound like ... but its true. I love you Todd, thanks for all the sweeter memories.

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8/26/2005 - Jones Beach - Wantagh, NY

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