Jones Beach

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Beautiful night - no humidity and crowd at about 80% of capacity - I would peg it at 4,000 people.

He opened with Lysitrada and then band joined him - same basic set from there.

How was he? - "OK" - in a good mood but having issues hitting high notes - The band seemed to really enjoy playing with him especially on Liars numbers

For the encores - Wait for me was VERY nice - vocals strong and done with emotion and a great guitar solo - very clean.

But towards the end of song - he once again lost the high notes and remaining vocals were a bit embarrassing - trying to hit ranges he simply wasn't able to. It's so cool to see him in front of 4,000 people with a chance for people to really see just how good he is - but it didn't really happen last night - what a shame. The mix for his microphone was barely audible compare to Daryl Hall's - In some way I was glad - that way the challenges with his range were not as noticeable.

I bought instant live CD - much better sound than concert - don't know why - but it is

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8/26/2005 - Jones Beach - Wantagh, NY

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