Todd at Wantagh, 8/26

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This was my 34th Todd show, and my first review. I haven't missed a NY show since Todd played at Central Park rink and Chaka Khan came out for an encore!!!

But, to be honest, I miss the Utopia shows that are held outside because the setting is usually perfect. I also LOVE the fans that I would meet show-after-show at these outdoor shows, which was absent at this venue.

This was overwhelmingly a Hall and Oates show, hardly anyone there for Todd, as was the case 3 years ago when they played at this same venue. The show was nearly identical to that show with a couple of excellent surprises by H2O, and I feel lucky that I got the chance to see it again.

One bad surprise was Todd's voice. He could not hold a high note from the beginning of the show to the encore after H2O. He was incredible flat, but even with that, it was great to see you Todd. Todd, you have a knack to go straight to-the-heart of people which is absent in today's music. I went with my mother (65) and my sister, and we were all tearing during Love is the Answer.

Another BAD surprise was that I purchased the Instant Access 2 CD set of the show. Todd, your opening set was not included...can I get a rebate or an MP3? Yuk-yuk! The recording is excellent, and if there are any H2O fans out there, go to their website and BUY THIS SHOW, legally.

The highlight of the entire show was H2O's Oh Camillia off the Silver album. TOTALLY RARE. And then there were the encores which reminded me of old Todd/H2O/Rick Derringer shows of the 70's.

If anyone has the opportunity to go to these shows without Tears For Fears, do it. There is a relationship on stage that you will not see with other bands, not to mention the great music.

Todd, if you are reading this, are there plans for a UTOPIA reunion? I know that is "old news", but hey, aren't we now old? I work in the fashion business and "what is old, is new again." It would be great to see Rodger and John "Willie" Wilcox again in NY.

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8/26/2005 - Jones Beach - Wantagh, NY

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