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i knew the show would be interesting with Todd and h+o..

i had seen them all for this first time together at this random balloon festival in weymouth ma in 2002..the highlight for me and and now is the fact that Daryl hall is really good and the trading of songs by he and Todd was a great idea! that was a great show... this show did not disappoint..

this past Tues at bank Boston pavilion was great..i was a Little pissed as some of the people behind me weren't paying attention to OH,so i moved and then started jamming at the end of my aisle all by myself...

i was very glad to hear " rock love" and may others by Todd

hall and Oates continue to be a great surprise esp due to Daryl's talent.. this time Daryl was Thrilled to be back onstage..he was having such a good time being on stage and joking with Todd ( this was his first gig after his battle with Lyme disease)

he was on fire!

as i had expected, the three of them jammed on each other's songs in the last part of the sow, Todd i think forgot a few lines and cues, but who cares! listening to him sing " wait for me": was so great the rest just didn't matter..

if u ARe like me and sort of dismissed h+o after their stupid 80's hits like "out of touch" and "maneater", give them another chance,..Daryl is really great!

i ran into a few old friends last night...

i wouild like to say i have read a few other reviews of this show, and don't think those people should be so nit picky and critical of Todd's performance that night or any other night...he is great..if he misses or can't reach one note who the hell cares! we should feel very lucky he is still out there giving it his all at his age...stop be being so damn critical pls!

Todd, we love u and pls come to Boston as much as u can!

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8/23/2005 - BankAmericaPavilion - Boston, MA

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