Todd Rocks Beantown!

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Todd was great last night with Hall & Oates. Others mentioned the play list, so I won't be redundant. A couple of nice surprises were 'Buffalo Grass' & 'Love is the Answer'. The audience ate it up. The encores were packed with energy & the crowd was loving every second of it! This venue is right on the inner harbor of Boston & is a terrific place to see a concert. It holds 5000 & was nearly full. The acoustics were great; we were near the rear and heard it all cleanly. I was a little worried, this being the first show, they'd be a lot of errors. Surprisingly, there were very few and the band sounded like they'd been together a while. I'm not into Hall & Oates, but they put on an entertaining, professional effort. It was almost a half n' half show as both acts played close to the same time set wise. If you're into Todd, don't miss this. He was (and usually is) a true star.

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8/23/2005 - BankAmericaPavilion - Boston, MA

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