Hall, Oates and Rundgren at the Bank Of America Pavilion, Boston

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Across town, the Rolling Stones are playing. 30,000 delirious fans are (if it goes like Saturday's first show) hanging from the rafters in ecstasy.

Meanwhile, the few, the faithful, show up for "the other show" in town. . . Hall & Oates, with Todd Rundgren. It's a nearly full house. I didn't get tickets early, and for weeks the only seats available were near the back at the edges, so I got good seats at Foxwoods for next weekend and just waited. Today at 2 PM, seats opened up in the center section in row 16 and I snapped them up. Todd took the stage only a few minutes late, just long enough for me to get my fenway franks and wine (huh?).

------FIRST SET------------------------------------

Things started out like a normal acoustic solo set:

Then Todd sez, "Let's bring out the band!" and part of the H & O backing band come out (bass drums and synth):
Soul Brother 
(H&O's sax player comes out and plays flute)
(great harmonies from the band)
Buffalo Grass 
(really rocks with the band backing it) "I'm so chuffed to be sharing the stage with Daryl and John that it makes me want to do even more to make you happy!"
Hello It's Me 
(H&O's guitarist and second keyboardist join)
Love is the Answer 
(I'm crying now it's so good)
Rock Love 
(the band REALLY "pulled out all the stops") Todd announces that H&O will be out in a few minutes and leaves the stage.


A couple of minutes later, an announcement is made letting folks know that Todd will be back later in the evening.

------SECOND SET-----------------------------------------

In spite of Daryl's recent bout of Lyme disease, he and the band are quite competent as they deliver all their hits. . . tight, harmonious, slick and emotionally focused (I may not have all the titles right):

Say It Isn't So
Do It For Love 
Talks about how great it is to have Todd on the show, promotes the fact that they will be doing stuff together in the last set.
I'll Be Around 
(from the new "Our Kind Of Soul", a Spinners hit)
Me & Mrs. Jones 
(NOT from the new "Our Kind Of Soul" (thanks Josh))
She's Gone 
One On One 
No Can Do 
Oooh, Ooh Child 
(from the new "Our Kind Of Soul")
Out Of Touch 
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' 
(the Righteous Brothers hit (thanks Josh))

------THIRD SET----------------------------------

Third set starts with TR and H&O together:

Wait For Me 
(TR verse 1, DH verse 2, 6 part harmony on lala's, very powerful, TR does a wonderful job, the house comes down)
Can We Still Be Friends 
(DH verse 1, TR verse 2, 6 part harmony on lala's, absolutely orgasmic - the hose comes down again)
Rich Girl 
(TR & DH swap off on lines in verse 1, TR messes up lyrics on verse 2, TR plays great lead, if a bit tentative, at end)
I Saw The Light 
(DH verse 1, TR verse 2, choruses absolutely over- the-top, TR and H&O guitarist do the twin-guitar lead nearly flawlessly, house comes down again)
Kiss On My List 
(DH verse 1, TR chorus intro, all sing on chorus, DH verse 2, TR chorus intro, all sing on chorus, audience is delirious.)


Love Train 
(NOT from the new "Our Kind Of Soul" (thanks Josh), an O'Jays hit. . . verse 1 - JO first two lines, DH second two lines, verse 2 - TR first two lines, DH second two lines, chorus harmonies blow-away great, TR plays tambourine at end, does a great job of the 2-shake/1-hit move, which is kind of like rubbing your tummy and patting your head)

------TIME TO GO-------------------------------

Sound was pretty awful, as usual in this tent; thank Todd I was only 16 rows back, and right in front of one of the line arrays, so the reverberation didn't completely obscure the performance. This show should sound incredible by the time it gets to Foxwoods next week. The auditorium there is above average in acoustics.

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