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From: minton43
Subject: european shows commentary
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 23:12:56 -0400

thank god for the europeans who have enough sense to know perfection when they see it at a todd show-it doesnt mean no broken strings, missed chords, or haphazard mics-it means a great freaking time being had by the artists involved and the interaction with the audience-again i was very fortunate to see an outstanding perfomance in columbus, ohio-i dont give a rats ass about the mishaps that occur-its live not memorex-todd took a beating from his "fans" in the US-some are truly spoiled-but some are not-we know perfection is imperfection-todd if you see this please dont forsake youyr american fans for they know not what they say-theyre just american-i wish i could be in europe to see any of these shows-next year-nancee

From: Todd's Fans
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005
Carmen (Bondgirl)
Toddy thank you so much coming to the UK again. Been a fan since 8 years old. It has been a privileged to meet you couple of times and thank you for your music. There are no words, there are no words..... (Cliché by TR faithful) God bless and safe journey home to your family xxx Yeah Todd you are still the best and no 1 in my book over Lewis by a cat's whisker! Smile! I remember the aubergine hair in 1978 when I met you in London! Hope you had a nice homecoming to Michele and your boys! Keep smiling ,singing and doing that Todd toe shuffle on stage!

Amy (4Dog)
Danke Shoen Darling!

Chris (Fierce Realities)
TR, tenks for de Mammonries..I mean memories. See you soon,

Chris (Z-man)
Thanks for taking time with your fans after the shows; it's great that you acknowledge us on stage, online and after the show. I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did!

Todd, your one of the hardest working men in show business. Thank you for everything, especially the music

I said "thank you" in York.....You said "it's my pleasure". I couldn't stop saying WOW after that. After Liverpool I couldn't shake off the we are off to Rome, my family and do it "one mo time". But I will say it again for the record THANKYOU TODD

As always thanx for making me look deep down inside myself! PEACE!!

Already showed my appreciation and once again face to face in London, I told ya "Thanks" Todd, and in reply you said, "Thank YOU!" and so were even. (at least for now ha ha ha!)

Eric (Mango)
Thank you for playing Hawking in Clearwater, your performance was transferred into love, and an evolving understanding of my son's Autistic being

Thanks for coming to the UK , and Liverpool especially. Know it sounds corny, but your music has been the soundtrack to my life . You the man!

Fair Warning
Thanks for the privilege of seeing you live and close up, it was an absolute honour and a total blast. See ya next time around!

Todd,Thank you for showing us that there is more to all of this than meets the eye. Thank you for helping me see a bit past the veil and reminding me that we are all in this together. Your music is, was and shall be a healing, inspiring and driving force in my life and in the lives of so many other brothers and sisters out there. Every time I crank one of your songs up I send you some thankful, positive vibes as do many others. Hope our messages are getting through the air to you. Peace and Love to you and yours, PS You know we're all pulling for this Utopia reunion thing! Hope to see you and the guys next year!

Gina (Lysistrata)
thanks Todd...x

Glad (Smeghead) and Mo
FOR YOU'RE A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW FOR YOU'RE A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW FOR YOU'RE A JOLLY GOOD FE-HEH-LOWWWWWW AND SO SAY ALL OF US!! Many thanks for the past 30+ years, Todd Be back soon Love from Glad and Mo (Liverpool) xxx

Happy Dave

Howlin Pete and Penny Wyatt
Thanks for two great nights in Bristol and Portsmouth, Penny and I were really moved by your performances- and we had some laughs too. Hope Joe, Ethel and all the crew had a good time too. We hope to be touring the USA next summer so we hope to see you there, and we'll be calling in at Hawaii too. Be Lucky

Thanks Todd!

Jeff (Weavil)
Thanks for another monumental tour that broke new ground yet again and established a new foundation for acts, crossing all boundaries and raising the bar for all that follow. Special thanks for spotting my Liars cover T-shirt and delivering "Afterlife" in Milwaukee and debuting "Stood Up" across the 'pond'! You are, and always will be, the best! your disciple

JoJo (therealjojo)
Another wonderful series of symposia, professor. Thanks Todd for coming back to blighty, hope we can see you again (soon?).

Thanks for letting us "dance" in Liverpool Todd!

Laura (RA-i)
Todd you are my Easter Bunny, Father Christmas and the Bogeyman all rolled into one. No other wizard will ever surpass you. Fanks Guv.

Lyn (Veggiegurl)
I will always be grateful to Todd for his music, his inspiration, his humor, and his truth. His music is more than a soundtrack, it forced me to look within myself and know the strength I need to get by in this world is within me and nowhere else but me. That's an amazing thing for an artist to accomplish. And when he tours it is such a delight for all us fans! So thank you, Todd, for everything. You're the best!

Mark (Smeeg)
Good Luck on the rest of the tour, and please don't overwork yourself. Thank you so much for coming this way. It was one of the best nights of my life! (I know you hate people saying it, but) You Rock!

Thanks for everything, Todd . . If we've been critical, it was never out of hate but out of compassion for a brother . . I couldn't imagine the last thirty years of my life without your music as its soundtrack. I'll keep listening with my ears and mind open. Oh, and fer Christ sakes, release the Carnegie Hall/Utopia show from '73, willya? I'm not getting any younger

Thanks, Todd. Your music has been my 'good luck charm' for a long time - listening to it, no harm/wrong can come.

Thanks Todd for the UK gigs so the great people there could see you. I know they were very pleased.

Thankyou Todd I took my friend for her first show( at Liverpool) and she was overwhelmed by the intimacy of the whole event. There is a special bond that develops through the shows, wherever thay are, making you feel very close and special. I am just glad we got to see you, we are all now closer to each other. Again, much respect and deep love

Shan (Splanker)
Hi Todd thanks for all the music over the years

Sistah T
I'd like to thank Todd for giving me the strength, courage and conviction to follow my own path. 32 years later and still I am still learning from the Wizard, the True Star. Todd, you are my hero.

Thanks Todd. See you soon in the UK maybe. Enjoy the mainland.

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