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Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 08:47:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: Robert Neyland 
I never cease to be amazed at the amount of bitter and unhappy people in this world. Regarding some of the reviews about Todd's current tour it makes me wonder why they some of these people would go to see Todd in the first place. Todd is not godd. He is just a man, a human being like me and other men and woman who inhabit this planet. But his style of writing and sense of music has helped many people get through the hard areas of this life. To be so critical and judgemental of an artist shows a large insecurity in one's own life. Do you quit on your husband or wife or kids if they goof or make a mistake? Is your support conditional on certain songs being played or not being played? Try reading some lyrics to some of Mr.Rundgren's songs and you might get a clue to a deeper truth he is trying to share.All you critics and naysayers, get a life. Find a quiet place to get alone and search your own heart, is it the price of a ticket, unmet expectations, personal voids in your life that would cause you to be so critical and write hurtful comments about another human being? Hats off to Todd for responding. It shows humility and alot of concern for other people. Todd's music , the good, bad and ugly have been a blessing and encouragement in my life. So if you are squemish or fearful of what type of performance you might see on the current tour- stay home and watch American Idol, you still have a few more weeks to vote on your favorite singer...................robert neyland
From: chris epting 
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 12:29:12 -0700

Advance plea for L.A.

After reading some of the recent reviews whereby it seems many feel compelled (and proud) to yell out requests, I feel compelled to make a request of my own: To any fans who plan on attending the 5/17 show, keep your requests to yourself. This is a pre-planned show, not an open-mic night and I'm willing to bet that all of the performers find it distracting at best, and obnoxious at worst. You can request songs from strolling mariachis...pass-the-basket folk shows...but not from Todd Rundgren (or Joe Jackson or Ethel for that matter). They've earned better treatment.

It seems "requesters" fall into two categories:

1. Cro-Magnon Idiot - as my grandmother used to say, "Stupid is forever," and as these folks continually prove, the same loudmouth who over-drinks and spouts off in college is the same one who does it in their 30's, 40's, 50's and up. Unfortunately, I don't think anything can be done about these cretins (except maybe pray they pass out at the bar).

But the second category is more manageable.

2. The Todd "fans" feel the need to insert themselves into the show by yelling out requests. Come on, folks. Fight the urge to draw attention to yourself. Show some courtesy and some respect for these guys. If Todd plays something you screamed for, it is a coincidence-you did not alter fate. These artists prepare their setlist, independent of you. It's a "show." They don't need your help. If you feel the need to engage Todd (or any artist), deal with it post or pre show if you must. That's your business. But in concert, it's our business-the paying customer. We love these guys, it's why we go see them play. So let's remember our role as audience and create an environment that helps them perform better, not worse.

C. Epting

From: "minton43" 
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 18:34:59 -0400
ive been reading the reviews from many of the shows-im seeing todd in columbus next tues-i claim to be the worlds biggest todd fan-my 24 yr old son is named todd-since 1974 todd has been coming to my town and never and i mean never disappointed me-todd knows what it takes and always carries the burden of others missteps-ive seen todd sick as hell-drunk on his bday-and just about ready to toss out the obnoxious audience members who insist on screaming out song titles-so for the folks who want to gripe about this and that-go find another musician who can pull this stuff off like its a walk in the park-all of this talent comes from a very gifted person-who are any of you to complain-redeem yourselves by reconsidering what you really witnessed-a wizard a true star-never to be outdone-todd if youre reading this-im so excited to see you that i can barely stand it-one day we will meet-ill be in the 5th row at promo west-hhhhhaaaaa
From: "Dennis Donahue"
Subject: general comment
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 11:38:45 -0400
Looking on a brighter side of this tour, let's be glad it appears he's put "FM&21" to bed as well as those hillbilly classics from previous solo tours "House Carpenter" and "West Virginia Gals"...YIKES !
From: Swami Nazz Nazz    
Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 17:31:10 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Waiting 4 L.A.
Response to all reviews so far:

Thank you all for all the positive reviews about the current tour and thanks for the negative reviews. After reading so many of these reviews about Joe Jackson, Ethel and Todd and their particular performances up to this point on May 14th... I've noticed so many negative statements... and so many positive statements... however, I am waiting patiently for the L.A. performance in spite of the negative stuff. The negative stuff reinforces my perception that if Billy-Bob-Dick in Minnesota thinks it is SO bad, then... "HELL, it MUST BE DAMN GOOD!"... more so especially if the dumbshits tell me that it is so bad!

I dig it BIG-TIME even if I haven't heard or seen the performance yet! Friggin' exciting stuff!!! :-) Thank you so much, you turd-munching dumbasses!!!

From: Brian Khoury
Subject: No longer going to shows
Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 10:58:58 -0600
Todd's reply to the Melbourne show may have a few good points but, I have seen the solo shows over the past years and it's the same, non-rehearsed, forgotten lyrics, forgotten chords as always. So I do not buy his excuses. We're not dumb and the only reviews show that we are not fooled. I have been a fan and seen shows since the early 70's. I'm done. Todd has always been one of my favorite artists ever. I will no longer spend my money on his shows.

Brian Khoury

From: "James R. Hinchman" 
Subject: Input On Reviews
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 14:54:30 -0700
Hey Friends,

I've been keeping up on all these reviews/critiques and wanted to add my 2 cents.

First off, let's not forget who we are talking about here. None of us would be involved here if Todd had not brought us an immeasurable amount of gratification. For God's sake, it's only been 13 months since he gave us Liars and an amazing tour. He hasn't gone down hill, lost it or become an alcohol dependent since then. That is my belief.

The one thing that really irked me when Utopia Times was in print was that they would NEVER allow fans to voice anything negative. Besides being informative as to the activities of Todd and Utopia, I found it rather insulting. We should be allowed freedom to express our feelings.

I have seen every tour since Faithful (1976). Yes, I have my favorite shows like everyone else. The first time I saw Todd solo was in 1982 at the Waldorf in San Francisco. This was supposed to be the West Coast leg of Utopia's Swing To The Right tour. The ticket mirrored that fact. Come to find that it was just Todd solo. Never did find out why. Financial reasons most likely.

What an amazing show. Todd with his video cart showing us clips of his interpretations of The Planets, pulling gems like Drunken Blue Rooster, Lord Chancellor's Nightmare out of his hat. It was really outrageous. Over the years that followed, I noticed that his solo shows fell into a serious rut, as far as song selection. I witnessed the San Rafael show where he entered, plopped a bottle of Jack Daniels on top of the piano, and proceeded to literally make me cringe. After slaughtering about 4 songs, and I mean not just minor mistakes, I had to depart. I didn't want to have that in my brain after all the performances I had witnessed in the past. Hey, he's human too. Sometimes we all fall down and then we get back up. I'm not holding a grudge.

However, I would bet good money that no more that 2% of the people that have gone to his solo shows since the late 80's are newcomers. That being said, I find it hard to believe that most of us want to hear the same material over and over again. Yes, I love these songs. But I think the reason we all still go is because we get to spend an evening with someone who is an old friend and makes us feel fantastic. There is an abundance of material he can pull from his catalog that is solo worthy. I can't believe that he hasn't grown tired of doing these same songs.

Is it because we keep attending them that he believes we WANT to hear a set list where 85% of his choices haven't changed in quite some time? Todd has alway done his own thing so I don't feel that he feels obliged. I won't be hurt if Love Of The Common Man is left out for one year. On ensemble tours, he digs deep. How about the Mystified/Broke Down and Busted medley from the power trio tour. Good example. When I read the setlist for this tour after the first show, I told myself that was it. I am not going to drive 100 miles again, pay for gas, food, etc to hear a tired old trend. Maybe he's lost a little interest in the listeners desires in this arrangement.

Todd, if you're reading, I have the utmost respect for you and always will. If you're not 100% behind taking the time to think this through, I have always entertained the idea that you do an ensemble tour that would be a retrospective of your entire career. Open with a video montage of Nazz clips...when it finishes, the band is in place and you launch into Open My Eyes. From there, it doesn't have to run as a chronological show, but go back and revisit material from Initiation, or Wizard...pieces that a full band would allow you to do. Maybe Long Flowing Robe...or Wolfman Jack...whatever you would enjoy. Maybe it doesn't interest you. Maybe it might. Hey, just my little dream I guess.

I've said my bit. So don't be nasty slamming Todd. Express yourself diplomatically. But let's not get nasty, friends...

Love and Peace


From: bob 
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 22:11:53 -0500
I saw the St Paul show but Smellbob and the Variety reviews in California applied perfectly to the one I well as the one last year at the Fitzgerald which was light years better than the show the year before where Todd was the worst I had ever seen him, opening for Hall and Oats also in St Paul. If he no longer cares about the old songs don't sing them,don't waste my time, money or worst of all the good memories. There seems to be a pattern here
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 18:32:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: Swami Nazz Nazz
Subject: Review about the REAL Todd

Sadly, I missed the Wilshire performance in L.A., so I can't really comment on what went on there. However, I do want to emphasize that the Todd Rundgren entity has never solely been about his music. For me, from the beginning... from that first experience listening to Something/Anything for the first time and being completely overwhelmed... for me, TR has always been about his "awareness" about the difficulties of human life, his "awareness" about the mystery of the universe itself, and his never-ending quest to help us all to wake up to the fact that our perceptions about this very existence may be completely wrong or deeply masked in some way... thus his searching for the "truth". Todd says on the Liars CD that the "truth is not here". I think the truth IS here. The truth is that most people are seriously misled about "what" they really are, "where" they really are, and that sadly in the end, we are not wrapped tight... everything we know is wrong. What we think is good music/TR's bad attitude and how we perceive Todd himself may just be a load of our own egotistical crap. There is much more to Todd Rundgren than "music". If Todd has truly been drunk during his recent performances, CAN YOU BLAME HIM???

Take two pills and go to bed. :-)

Swami Nazz Nazz

From: Murray Rogers 
Subject: commentary on reviews from Murray Rogers
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 09:46:38 +0100
Too much of a good thing, that's what's wrong with the negative reviews. If you want to hear the music identical to the cd's.....stay at home.

We've been starved in Europe of the great mans' touring and to see him here twice in one long year is fantastic.

Todd can fart in tune and he is only human (I've eventually had to come to terms with that after 30-years!)

See you in Edinburgh, welcome back.

Subject: General Commentary
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 12:42:32 -0400
From: "Glenn H."
It appears that with the majority of the reviews of this tour, whether they are good, bad or indifferent, that the writer personally knows Todd and what his thought process is. While this may be true for a lucky few of the reviewers, I sincerely doubt that the majority of the reviewers regularly hang out and drink cold-ones with Todd. For those that feel that they know Todd, I feel that this delusion stems from the personal connection they have made with the man's music. I for one, do not personally know Todd and have never claimed or alluded to the delusion that I do. However, the music Todd has created over the years has made a profound impact on me. I have never quite been able to put my finger on it, and I have often thought about, "why do I like this music so much when so many others have never heard of it?" What I have concluded is that his music and lyrics strike a chord deep within me personally. His music has been the "soundtrack" of my life. I don't know if it's his technique, his identifiable pattern of chord progressions, his vocal gymnastics, his production skills or his go-it-alone attitude. Maybe it's the whole thing. All I know is that I like it and want to continue to see it performed live in any configuration Todd wishes to perform it.

I happened to see the recent show at the Ryman auditorium in Nashville. Todd was almost flawless and I thought the show was great. Todd has never claimed to be a great pianist and often pokes fun at his lack of technique on that instrument, "88 possible mistakes". On his most recent solo tours, I have held my breath each and every time he puts his guitar down and sits at the piano, realizing how quickly it can become a train wreck. However, regardless of any mistakes he makes, the sound of a solo piano, his voice and his lyrics, reminds me of why I am a fan. The mistakes pale in comparison to the strength of his songwriting and singing. I agree that the set list could be tweeked to include some of his other gems, but the bottom line is that I am I'm ok with whatever songs Todd wants to play.

I am not an "apologist" as some reviewers refer to those who make excuses for Todd's mistakes. As I said in the beginning of this commentary, I don't personally know Todd. Accordingly, I don't feel that I am qualified to make excuses for him. However, since we are aware that Todd reads this forum, I am concerned that all of the negative reviews may give him cause to stop touring. I don't think that this is intention of the negative reviews but we have to be cognizant of the possible effects. I enjoy the solo performances because they give me a glimpse of how these songs originated, but I do realize that the stripped down versions leave holes in the music and some fans walk away feeling dissatisfied. After the strength of the Liars CD and subsequent tour, it is obvious that Todd is still a relevant artist and he still has the ability to completely blow us away. Please keep this in mind when voicing your opinions. Afterall, any Todd show is better than no Todd show at all.

Glenn H.

Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 14:17:03 -0400
I'm all for anyone saying anything about anything. But could we please put an end to using Todd's lyrics in your responses? An elementary school English teacher would nip that bad habit in the bud. Use your own words; aren't these your own opinions? GStapleton
Subject: todd
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 09:12:55 -0700
From: "Alex Gonzales" 
Man o Man where do I begin? I feel that a lot of us long time fans would love to see Todd get the just props he so deserves. Performances like the ones taking place right now make it difficult for all of us. We all know of the wonderful things he has done for the music industry through the years. His recordings have always been extremely interesting and many times inspirational. We all love the beauty of his arranging and use of extended chordal harmony and the seamless flow of his melodies and of course, his thought provoking lyrics that always challenge us. Yeah I've seen him when everything was so right; Sound, musical awareness, tenacity, sensitivity, passion, beauty...But something is missing right now on this tour...and it is so sad it hurts. I won't smack talk the man. He has earned my respect for a lifetime. I wish I was in a position to help in any way. I've always thought of forming a killer band that knew the entire catalog and was readily available to tour and back Todd up flawlessly for little or no money just to ensure that night in night out, Todd's name would continue to be held in high regard by everyone who heard him. That is just the mentality of a warrior fighting for his leader. Todd if you are reading and listening and taking to heart the many comments from your diehard fans, know that we hang on your every last word and last chord. We all want the best for you and yes selfishly so, from you. You in your long and great career have cultivated that in us. You have put yourself in that position! We are your messengers on the streets that hang out with friends, sit them down, and explain and share the beauty which is Todd Rundgren. Harrison said, "all things must pass"; you are not ready yet to mail it in. That would be unacceptable to us, but forget that, it wouldn't be acceptable to you! WE all believe you have it in you still. WE all know things are not going so well right now on this tour. But we all know you can turn it around in a hurry. Suit yourself , in any case, like before, whatever happens, happens... I'm going down with you...
Subject: Response to reviews
From: chromemoon
Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 12:45:00 -0400 (EDT)
First of all, while it is always useful to give constructive feedback to any artist, some of the reviews I have perused on this site have bordered on the cannibalistic. What is it about our culture that it likes to prop people up on pedestals and then sacrifice them? If an artist has been surviving on the road for 30 years, has played 100 shows over a year's time and is under pressure to maintain the many satellites that depend financially upon said artist, it has to be challenging to be constantly entertaining and fresh. Particularly in the business today, which has made touring almost financially impossible. How can the audience expect the artist, years later, to not express a "songs of experience" demeanor, if said audience is so... well, vicious?
From: "Dave Troland" 
Subject: Negative Review Redux
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 22:04:52 -0400
I've chosen not to attend the Joe Jackson/Ethel/TR concert based on the reviews and set lists I've seen on this forum. Why? Because most of what I read tells me that not much has changed in the four years since my review of a Todd show at the Pollak Auditorium in NJ back in Oct.29, 2001. Herewith for your reading is that review. Simply substitute your city and theater.

Review by Dave Troland 10/29/2001 Monmouth University Pollack Auditorium

As far as Todd fans go, I am no slouch. I became hooked in 1974 on AWATS and have been among the Faithful ever since. So it pains me to say that the show I saw last night in many ways was the most disinterested, unprofessional and ambivalent performance to date.

The songs chosen, while being wonderful compositions, have now entered the realm of overkill. Todd is preaching these as Top 40 hits to the converted. We know they're great songs, but the prototype Todd fan has never been interested in hits. You would think by now Todd would realize that a set of relatively obscure songs chosen from his vast songlist would certainly be preferred to rehashing the same-o same-o in the absence of NEW MATERIAL. Recent years have offered shows of "My Greatest Hits, Straight or Lounge." At least the Power Trio, while being an absolutely conventional approach for most, was a new take on familiar material for TR.

I've seen TR shows over the past four years at Club Bene, the Keswick Theater in PA, and now Monmouth University where the same basic material was delivered with obvious boredom. Even the comments to the audience are delivered with a sarcasm that borders on contempt. Remember the days of fans bringing all sorts of oddball gifts to the shows and TR would pause to interact with the audience over them? Nowadays he hides behind sunglasses and barely cracks a smile. It's like watching some cranky recluse practicing his old songs in the basement, screaming to hit the high notes while the lyrics cry out for subtlety.

Am I being too harsh? Perhaps. Missed chords and strained vocals aside, there were also some genuine highlights last night. Notably, "Song of the Viking" which has inexplicably become a favorite of TR live, was played with zest. "Hawking", while lacking the lush arrangement for which it is familiar, was presented as a delicate plea for pity. I found a couple of tears rolling out of my eyes, surprising myself. The "With a Twist" portion, replete with MP3 player, was beautifully played and sung, especially "A Dream Goes On Forever" when the MP3 was shut off so we could hear the nuances of Jesse's performance. And some bizarre piano/yelling thing TR conjured up was a hoot but ended after about 8 bars.

The venue was conducive to a wonderful intimate evening of music, but it felt like TR would have none of it. Like the Club Bene show where he noodled around with the Internet connection so the world would have access to the show (while the paying fans were ignored), again we saw a performance half-heartedly phoned in.

Todd, the multitudes are crying for an elpee's worth of toons (and the followup concert). Don't forget us; we're still with you on the road to Utopia.

From: Todd's Fans
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005
Carmen (Bondgirl)
Toddy thank you so much coming to the UK again. Been a fan since 8 years old. It has been a privileged to meet you couple of times and thank you for your music. There are no words, there are no words..... (Cliché by TR faithful) God bless and safe journey home to your family xxx Yeah Todd you are still the best and no 1 in my book over Lewis by a cat's whisker! Smile! I remember the aubergine hair in 1978 when I met you in London! Hope you had a nice homecoming to Michele and your boys! Keep smiling ,singing and doing that Todd toe shuffle on stage!

Amy (4Dog)
Danke Shoen Darling!

Chris (Fierce Realities)
TR, tenks for de Mammonries..I mean memories. See you soon,

Chris (Z-man)
Thanks for taking time with your fans after the shows; it's great that you acknowledge us on stage, online and after the show. I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as we did!

Todd, your one of the hardest working men in show business. Thank you for everything, especially the music

I said "thank you" in York.....You said "it's my pleasure". I couldn't stop saying WOW after that. After Liverpool I couldn't shake off the we are off to Rome, my family and do it "one mo time". But I will say it again for the record THANKYOU TODD

As always thanx for making me look deep down inside myself! PEACE!!

Already showed my appreciation and once again face to face in London, I told ya "Thanks" Todd, and in reply you said, "Thank YOU!" and so were even. (at least for now ha ha ha!)

Eric (Mango)
Thank you for playing Hawking in Clearwater, your performance was transferred into love, and an evolving understanding of my son's Autistic being

Thanks for coming to the UK , and Liverpool especially. Know it sounds corny, but your music has been the soundtrack to my life . You the man!

Fair Warning
Thanks for the privilege of seeing you live and close up, it was an absolute honour and a total blast. See ya next time around!

Todd,Thank you for showing us that there is more to all of this than meets the eye. Thank you for helping me see a bit past the veil and reminding me that we are all in this together. Your music is, was and shall be a healing, inspiring and driving force in my life and in the lives of so many other brothers and sisters out there. Every time I crank one of your songs up I send you some thankful, positive vibes as do many others. Hope our messages are getting through the air to you. Peace and Love to you and yours, PS You know we're all pulling for this Utopia reunion thing! Hope to see you and the guys next year!

Gina (Lysistrata)
thanks Todd...x

Glad (Smeghead) and Mo
FOR YOU'RE A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW FOR YOU'RE A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW FOR YOU'RE A JOLLY GOOD FE-HEH-LOWWWWWW AND SO SAY ALL OF US!! Many thanks for the past 30+ years, Todd Be back soon Love from Glad and Mo (Liverpool) xxx

Happy Dave

Howlin Pete and Penny Wyatt
Thanks for two great nights in Bristol and Portsmouth, Penny and I were really moved by your performances- and we had some laughs too. Hope Joe, Ethel and all the crew had a good time too. We hope to be touring the USA next summer so we hope to see you there, and we'll be calling in at Hawaii too. Be Lucky

Thanks Todd!

Jeff (Weavil)
Thanks for another monumental tour that broke new ground yet again and established a new foundation for acts, crossing all boundaries and raising the bar for all that follow. Special thanks for spotting my Liars cover T-shirt and delivering "Afterlife" in Milwaukee and debuting "Stood Up" across the 'pond'! You are, and always will be, the best! your disciple

JoJo (therealjojo)
Another wonderful series of symposia, professor. Thanks Todd for coming back to blighty, hope we can see you again (soon?).

Thanks for letting us "dance" in Liverpool Todd!

Laura (RA-i)
Todd you are my Easter Bunny, Father Christmas and the Bogeyman all rolled into one. No other wizard will ever surpass you. Fanks Guv.

Lyn (Veggiegurl)
I will always be grateful to Todd for his music, his inspiration, his humor, and his truth. His music is more than a soundtrack, it forced me to look within myself and know the strength I need to get by in this world is within me and nowhere else but me. That's an amazing thing for an artist to accomplish. And when he tours it is such a delight for all us fans! So thank you, Todd, for everything. You're the best!

Mark (Smeeg)
Good Luck on the rest of the tour, and please don't overwork yourself. Thank you so much for coming this way. It was one of the best nights of my life! (I know you hate people saying it, but) You Rock!

Thanks for everything, Todd . . If we've been critical, it was never out of hate but out of compassion for a brother . . I couldn't imagine the last thirty years of my life without your music as its soundtrack. I'll keep listening with my ears and mind open. Oh, and fer Christ sakes, release the Carnegie Hall/Utopia show from '73, willya? I'm not getting any younger

Thanks, Todd. Your music has been my 'good luck charm' for a long time - listening to it, no harm/wrong can come.

Thanks Todd for the UK gigs so the great people there could see you. I know they were very pleased.

Thankyou Todd I took my friend for her first show( at Liverpool) and she was overwhelmed by the intimacy of the whole event. There is a special bond that develops through the shows, wherever thay are, making you feel very close and special. I am just glad we got to see you, we are all now closer to each other. Again, much respect and deep love

Shan (Splanker)
Hi Todd thanks for all the music over the years

Sistah T
I'd like to thank Todd for giving me the strength, courage and conviction to follow my own path. 32 years later and still I am still learning from the Wizard, the True Star. Todd, you are my hero.

Thanks Todd. See you soon in the UK maybe. Enjoy the mainland.

From: Rich Farmer 	
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006

I was just thinking back over the recent Liars tour. Having seen it myself and following the reviews posted for each venue, it seemed more often than not that most negative reviews complained of bad sound. I have to comment on this! I don't know who did the house audio for the Liars tour, but it was about as poorly done as I've heard anywhere! I would have expected much more from Todd as far as selecting the right tech! I realize that Todd is as good as there is in the recording studio, but I honestly feel his live performance leaves much to be desired. Performing live is an art form in itself, far removed from the recording studio. Getting on stage and dealing with the tremendous sound levels and your own energy rush tends to make one "over-extend" to the point of straining one's vocal chords and not concentrating or performing dynamically instrumentally. It's like playing in your first loud rock band on stage and everything is pretty much just garble! With today's technology, one can learn to just perform relaxed and naturally and let the equipment and engineers (if you had a good one) make you heard! I guess dynamics is the key word here. O.K., I realize the energy level is astronomically higher, but check out some real polished live acts like, say Steely Dan, or the likes. You know what I mean. Todd just kills himself on stage, and I hear the same thing on any live recording I've ever heard of him. His throat is just ripped up! I don't care how old he is, I still think his capabilities are top-notch. But I still haven't seen his "Ultimate" performance in the 30 plus years that I have been admiring his work. Yeah, I have a little experience with this stuff, about 30 plus years of live performances. There is much to be learned in the art of live performance! I don't feel like Todd ever learned how to perform live! Yeah, buddy, I'm one of your worst critics, but I still love your work and always will! You changed my life back in 1973 and I guess I just learned from your example! But I'm still waiting for you to "Blow" me away with that one in a lifetime performance! Todd, if you ever read this before you retire, I want you to please do me this favor. Call all of your old buddies. You know, Moogy, Siegler, Ellman, Schukett and Roger. Forget that "whiney" voiced Kasim Sultan. I've always prefered John on bass! Anyway, I can't think of a better way for you to cap off a briliant musical legacy than to bring all of these idividuals back together and recreate what I feel was the best musical performances as far as Utopia goes. Get a good sound tech though! Someone that realizes that the lead vocal should be heard over the music in the mix. And please come to either Buffalo or Rochester and maybe even send me some back stage passes so I can finally meet all of you guys. I never made it in the music business, but you guys all influenced me and others like you'll never know! Thanks!!

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