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And so I wake up all excited in a sunny Milan for go to catch the train for Rome. 4 hours and half and I will be in the capital city. In succession like me has Todd revealed I discovered that also he was on that train, but in carriage 1, I was in the 7, Fuck! I could to know it before.

Arrival in the splendid Rome and immediately out of the station there is any homeless, but it comes me to take Andrea Cascioli, one of the draftsmen of the known comic strip of science fiction Nathan Never that in a cafe show me the unpublished tables of a very handsome and never published Gregory Hunter . We are spoken about Todd and of all. And finally arrival to the Auditorium, a place building veryimposing in style.Also Mary of the Ethel have told that we is fortunate also to have a place like this, (but does she have look to types of security?) with airplanes that appeared near in the sky (the airport is close). .Todd sometimes was amazed turned the look toward of them.

Arrival during the soundcheck and Todd are speaking with a girl and their child with a shirt of Liars, I imagine be Beverley Rigby. Then I go in front of Todd and I tell him that I am his shadow and he tune up the song I'm your shadow and we laugh, we spoke about the more and of the less. .At the evening there are any presenters of the tv of state and I know that soon will come transmitted a special in television on this concert. .It was already announced. The big moment of Todd in Italy. Ethel begin and this time their repertoire I like even more perhaps 'cause has familiarity with their cd. I saw them , sometimes first and after the soundcheck. They have amazed the bourgeois public of the Auditorium (beautiful structure but little proper for rock concerts ).

Joe Jackson repeats his repertoire like to Milan, also the strokes are similar.

Todd this time is made attend more, are passed now 20 minutes. But then he appears with a suit , color metallic sept and sweater phosphorescent green like mine(this time I believe I have inspired Todd, at least I like to think it) .Love of the common man and immediately after Clichè and Afterlife he shows to us all the true artistic nature of very more composite and variegated Todd of that of Joe Jackson and the public understand it.

Even more with Tiny Demons with his dark notes and the splendid voice .Black & White , another piece from Faithful hailed from the crowd.And a a rope of guitar broked down, Todd curses and the guitar changed . Todd goes to the piano and the microphone has positioned evil, he fastened with Song of the Viking . And suddenly all everybody is surprised about the suffered and touched Compassion wet the heart of tears, it heat and it is moved, suffered and splendid interpretation that overcomes the version of studio, very similar to the version that Missy Miller made in For the love of Todd tribute.So deeply.Abysmal.One of the best singer who never perform tunes of Todd (but where does she goes?what have she done? Could anybody in the USA help me?).

And still Can we still be friends that also without the angelic choir of the version in studio, there doesn't make forget the state of grace of composition that characterized Hermit of Mink Hollow, and also Gianni Leone mythical keyboard player of the band Balletto di Bronzo agrees, also he was present in the arena, I then have presented him to Todd, (in his next cd it will be included a version of Todd's Bag Lady). .Bang the Ukulele all day makes us ride and recognized immediately from the public. Then if you know the words of this song you sing with me tells Todd and part a touching You've Got To Hide Your Love Away, one of the best covers of the Beatles never performs, in his naturalness simplicity and sort with the heart. Pretending to care still with shivers, a jewel to which all artists should look to learn how to sings, notes that split the air, and shivers on the skin, I feel on another land, a right planet this time for me, and another spaceship has come to abduct me from this lost world. Capitan Todd and the Invaders of the Earth. Roman breeze brings again me to the reality, also 'cause Todd has begun the notes of Lysistrata one of my favorite tracks. Sublime.End of his set. Everybody recalls him standing up. And he reappears with Jackson at piano for The Other Me and for a very soulful version of Soul Brother with Joe and Ethel, finally with Todd we got the great finale My guitar gently weeps. The children goes mad like son of my friend Fabrizio , Francesco (in the 1979 we went to see Todd at Knebworth Festival UK). A beautiful occasion to see us again after 11 years. Todd knows how to unite the friends also. But a rope gets torn and so after the refrain, Todd takes back with the acoustics, it is not the same thing but we are satisfied. .Great concert! It is the real end .And the music once more reigns sovereign. And the spheres join together in song. I see him fade away far in his bus. A shadow that melt. I'm your shadow la la la means I love you..Trees of the ages in the night.Pieces of paper on the ground.. Invisibles taxes. ..90 miles outside Rome, can't stop driving,I don't know why . Sleep, dream, and a magnificent terrace me on the Roman Lungotevere awake me up again. However it is a beautiful day after all...... Lino Terlati

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07/01/2005 - Caveo Paco della Musica - Rome, Italy

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