Rome Concert, 1st July

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After York and Liverpool this was an altogether different show. It was an open air venue on a hot summer night. The venue itself looked amazing but the show was besieged with sound problems from the sound check onwards. We were lucky to be able to sit in on it which was just great! It was Joes audience with a core of diehard TR fans and what seemed to be a group of people who go to the theatre to see whoever on a given night...... hard to tell what they made of it!!!

Joe was his usual although a bit niggled at the poor sound.

Ethel were as good as ever and on a personal note wre fantastic making a fuss of my 12 year old, there on his birthday giving him merchandise gifts and a cake with a candle.

Todd was gracious and amusing coping with the Tiny [sound] Demons and though not the best it was still great for me. Got to hear Can we still be friends and Soul Brother neither of which had been done at York or Liverpool. For the girls...... he wore the shiny zoot suit with a green shirt! Managed to get my "Name Poster" from the TODD album.from way back signed by him, so all in all it was worth the trip.

Met up with an American couple, Mo and Mike who were lucky to be in Roma on business........Hi to you both and enjoy your trip here in England.......Hope you were able to find that taxi.

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07/01/2005 - Caveo Paco della Musica - Rome, Italy

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