Milan Conservatory 30/ 06/ 2005

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I attended the comeback of Todd in Italy from too much time, also if I had seen last year to London during the tour of Liars.And I tell immediately that I prefer Todd with the electric band that alone, but however the Italian concerts have stayed excellent, apart from the very bad organization of the locations. In Milan there has withdrawn the backpack with the camera, as I could not have gone off no photo during the concert, but after there was my moment. This trittico of Ethel, Joe Jackson, Todd Rundgrenmade curious a great deal. After a sunny day and have also gone to Cathedral, I sat down under a tree to the inside from Conservatory, and after an hour here that TODD with his manager appears . Great embraces and affections, Todd tells me that he will see me after the concert. Then he meets any photographer, and begin the soundcheck.

At night open the gates and at 20.45 o'clock they begin to play the Ethel, and I don't dwell, but I there invite to visit my [blog] ( for enter the details of the very bad organization that it has countersigned the Italian concerts of this tour.

The Ethel performs their set and one note that is a group that in future there will reveal any surprise..Seriuos and professionals. Then Joe Jackson arrives and comes greeted with big applauses, he and the piano and his ballads and he will be as for all through his set.Beautiful voice and so much songs recognized from the public.

After his set I am already in second line and we attend all TODD. He recalled from her is howls of the fans appears and he knows that he is the true star.Sterting with Love of The Common man he continue to surprise from Idon't want to tie down, and the emotions follow the past toward a magic album like A wizard, a true star and this acoustic version is wonderful], as it happens for Afterlife, also if I prefer the version on Liars, the synths here are obligatory. It's time to rock with Black& White with electrified acoustics, and the public appreciates and recognizes. Todd knows how to be ironic and there tells of the Festival of St. Remo and of Luciano Pavarotti, it then is the time of the piano for Song to the viking, therefore again the guitar for an unrecognizable version of I saw the light.

Impossible living in Hawaii and don't know how to play the ukulele and as Bang the ukulele all day makes us to find again a big Todd in excellent vocal form applauded so much . And Hello It's me comes........

An other big and grieved moment for me has stayed Lysistrata from one of my favorite albums of Utopia, the palying is perfect, and I feel touched, above all in those days of war.

Todd announced Ethel and together the notes of Pretending to care depart from shivers, the tallest moment of the whole show. Here comes the tears for so much beauty.

And then Joe Jackson with maracas for a version arrives so different of Stood Up.

They leave but we don't stop to applause and My guitar gently weeps is the so much expected encore. And we are all standing. And another time the big music turned in the centersof beatitude . Todd has stayed the true entertainer of the evening, his set is articulated, fanciful, ecletic,ironic, and load of love of this star that doesn't do regret the days of the past (what a sin that has not performed Past from LIARS quite would have stayed perfect). There has stayed many young fans also and this is a good sign.

But it doesn't finish here, tomorrow there tells the history from Rome.

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06/30/2005 - Conservatorio - Milan, Italy

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