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Four days after his 57th birthday Todd was in sprightly form at Berlin's University of the Arts. Unfortunately the venue was only half-full, and -- as elsewhere in Germany - most of the audience was far more familiar with Joe Jackson's output than Todd's. It was perhaps not surprising therefore that Joe's set received a more vociferous welcome than TR's. The only Rundgren song to provoke a flicker of recognition was 'Hello It's Me', although there was never less than polite applause at the end of each song. The rather sedate nature of the event prompted Todd to remark sarcastically that he was pleased to see such a lively crowd for a Sunday evening. The absence of Todd fans was unfortunate given the faultless set he delivered (the only bum notes of the evening came from Joe's piano, but this didn't detract from Jackson's own impressive performance). It looked as if Todd would get through the whole show without a broken string until disaster struck -- appropriately! -- in the middle of 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'. The audience took it in good humour, almost as if it had been intended. The standout songs for me were 'Beloved Infidel', 'Pretending to Care' and 'Soul Brother', though the whole evening, from Ethel's opening set to the encores, was very enjoyable. The set was pretty much as expected, although fans of 80s Todd were rewarded not only with 'Lysistrata', 'One World', and 'Bang the Drum/Uke', but also an excellent 'Compassion'. Todd remarked towards the end that 'next time you should all bring a friend'; hopefully, if there is a next time, the turnout will be better.

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06/26/2005 - UdK - Berlin, Germany

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