Berlin, UdK - 26.06.05

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3rd show.

Ethel and Joe as always.

Todd at first a bit erratic, got it nailed on BI and B&W, very good piano-set (only minor "special arrangements") and got fired up from BTU onwards to a rousing One world. Was pretty loose and funny this time.

Set by all together: also as always high-point of the night. Best bit: Soul brother.

Front rows were a bit stiff, mostly Joe fans in the audience. The cheaper seats were almost partying at the end. More than halfful from my my point of view (I'd say 3/4 of the seats).

Overall impression of the 3 gigs: Wonderful experience, nice combination of talents. They possibly should have expanded the part where they played together, but that's a minor glitch. Ethel and Joe are professional performers and deliver everytime. Todd's far more loose (almost jazzy approach) and therefore sometimes a bit hit and miss, but could you name another performer who's always different from night to night - in Bochum professional but struggling with the audience, in Bielefeld just mesmerizing, and in Berlin getting better from song to song.

I usually don't go to more than one concert during a tour, and with Ethel and Joe - good as they were - that might have been enough. But Todd made it all worthwhile, because you never know what to expect.

Thanks to everyone involved for a great tour and I sincerely hope that Todd will be back soon. The relativ stiffness of a German crowd really doesn't say they don't enjoy themselves. There were two guys directly in front of me who didn't even clap, but said on the way out, that they really liked it. Guess they're planning some "inner revolution."


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06/26/2005 - UdK - Berlin, Germany

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