they got better and better! Hamburg 25.06.2005

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True, the lasts concerts been absolute great. Two legends. Europe did them good I think. Get a different input maybe??? Come back soon if possible!!!! It was so good to have you here.

Hamburg so.....

Ethel 1st playing more difficult stuff to the classicwise spoiled german. They did that good, intense. Great applause. Great sound, nice old surrond, all fine that night!

Germany.....the cradel of the romantic time in Europe! The heavy classical music, difficult tunes fit them good!, and suffering deep sences. The audiance was great. In the detail, reacting, interacting.

Nice vibes that night.

Joe Jackson, the sad clown.

What a differens to Liverpool!!! He was a Entertainer that night, how does that sound you liverpool audiamce???

He was in an very good mood.The audiance knew many songs and sang along. And jackson played with that.That was nice!

Later he integratet a nightbutterfly????in his singing, very poetic that! Well done!

He played in the cirkus krone in munic the night before. he loved the surrond. No wonder. What a wastet talent, the poetic, thoughtfull sad clown. He was brilliant. Thanx!!!

Todd Rundgren.

First he was good, strong, intence. Secure. Impressiv. Better than before. More clear. Authentic. But (and that good for us to stiff germans sometimes) light to.

A real man.....

Together the tune with ethel and joe jackson was so very fine. Cant that not go on a cd??? Please!!

T.R.made jokes aswell ( Im a "Hamburger...) About the german ß, the ä,ü,ö - mr, Tödd ründreen wasa knäcke.....

Met a Rundgren fan in the audiance. He was soooo amazed that i was one too.

Had my Todd album he sighned with me, now im happy.

I made a view nice littel videos with my camera, but how to transfair woth my slowly connaction????

When T.R.played the song "Bang on the drum all day" I even had a hawaien flower neckless he used. That was need too. So I used both, cool. Ha next time I want him to sighn the phote Linda Mc Cartney tool of him abouit the sixties. Out of the Tate in Liverpool, me sourse me!

Good idea no????

RealFan ( Izzat Love would be a song I liked always a lot ( and than....)

(X-ray must be sooo happy to have both of his stars on stage no????

No we have fun in France, surfing at the atlantic, ( no Mike this is NO setlist, but cool to have met you here! ) Our 3rd holiday?

Say What???? ( Rundgren played with the ß, äüö??? Tött Rüüündreen sounds like knäckebrot!) and

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06/25/2005 - Musikhalle - Hamburg, Germany

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