Todd and Joe at Circus Krone Munich 23rd June 2005

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I'm not sure the acoustics are ideal in this venue, but it may have been the sound system or my seating (6th row center), but the sound was certainly not optimal.

For the size of the concert room and the simplicity of the acoustic instruments, it shouldn't have been difficult to create a fine sound, but the building is round with a domed ceiling.

Ethel's performance came across fine for the most part with the exception that at some points the sound became muddy, probably due to the frequency mix at that particular moment..

Todd's guitar sounded somewhat thin and his voice was often lost. Joe's Piano also occasionally got lost in the reverberant sauce, but his voice generally cut thru.

Enough for the Audio critique..

Ethel was quite entertaining and animated and from what I could hear, performed flawlessly.

Joe was very jovial and appeared completely comfortable in the surroundings (which was quite warm!). He played very passionately and made a few tiny mistakes that he worked quickly through.. I've never seen him live before but was impressed with his piano playing, voice and show.

Todd arrived appearing very energetic and dove right into the classic 'Common Man' - which shivered my spine by the third verse. The voice is as strong as ever and Todd even looked much younger than the more recent photos I'd seen of him. He still as spritely as his Utopia days. Alot of classics and a few surprises - Todd played 'The Wheel' after a guy in the second row wouldn't stop hollering for it..

All in all an excellent show, I just wished it had been in a more intimate setting as the circus hall definately didn't contribute to the sound that would have done the performances justice..


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06/23/2005 - Circus Krone - Munich, Germany

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