Bielefeld, Ringlokschuppen - 22.06.2005

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... that was more like it, what a wonderful concert.

Ethel and Joe were as professional and entertaining as I've come to expect, but the real difference was:

Our Todd. Maybe due to the location, an old roundhouse for trains (he said that he loves trains since his childhood days) he was in great spirits (and I don't mean beer) from note number one. He really went for it this time and was therefore 10 times better than in Bochum (where he was good).

Possibly the best singing I ever heard in a live show, nearly zero problems (1 string broke, but no fluffs on piano) and as a bonus Ethel coming out during the "Lion"-part of Bang the uke as scantily clad hula-dancers.

Great fun was had by all involved and that includes the crowd, who - although seemingly not too familiar with Todd's music - really loved what they saw and heard.

Can't wait until I get to Berlin. One more to come .....

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06/22/2005 - Ringlokschuppen - Bielefeld, Germany

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