Paris, France, le Bataclan le 6/15/2005

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After the first concert of the 6/14/2005 we had, with my friend Jean-Luc, naturally reserved our places for the concert in the 6/15/2005

Two concerts of Todd to the continuation in the same city is something of completely unhoped-for for old fans of Todd!

This concert proved to be as good as that of the day before

Here some of the songs played by Todd:

Love of the Common Man
Beloved Infidel
Black and White


Compassion Song of the Viking Hello it' s me


Bang on the Drum Afterlife One World

TR with Ethel Pretending to Care

TR with Joe Jackson and Ethel

Stood Up

While my guitar gently weeps (Todd tightens me the hand at the end of the song and gives me its médiator!)

It should be noted that Todd did not play the same songs at the time of the 2 concerts and in more not in the same order

I think that it improvises at the last time its set list

The best arrived at the end in the concert. Thanks to the benevolence of a fan of Todd (Iida thank you still for the backstage pass) we could see Todd in its cabin (see the photos on the site)

Todd was very slackened, very attentive, very interested, very nice

We remained with him approximately 15 minutes, 15 minutes of pure happiness, 15 minutes unreal

To meet personally Todd was for me a dream

That marvellous memories

Highly the next round

Sorry for my english for contact


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06/15/2005 - Bataclan - Paris, France

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