Paris, june 14th

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Suddenly, HE's there, just in front of me and I feel like the little girl I was in 74 when I fell in love with TODD the album and Todd the strange colored-hair guy.I saw him several times in NYC years ago and thought I would never have the opportunity to see a concert in PARIS!!! He tried some french words like "lingerie" and "esprit dÈco". What a wizard to make one hour go away like one second. I wish this concert would never end. In the past, I could have a chance to meet him, corresponding with Ruth, his mother and having an american friend knowing him quite well. I preferred to keep him as a dream but when I read this french fan having a backstage pass, I do regret cause my 6 year old daughter told me just before I leave : "Please mum, tell him I love the song Emperor of the highway". My kids are big fans too, my son who's 9 playing guitar already. We'll have to bring them some day to a concert, maybe in San Francisco, my favorite US city. I don't know any other french fan and would love to know who's Etsuko, Japan being my second passion !

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06/14/2005 - Bataclan - Paris, France

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