Runt in Amsterdamterdam Sunday june 12

Review by Willem Dalmeijer (Switch to


A great show. Seeing Todd approaching the stage, stepping into the lights, is always a thrilling experience.

I think this tour is truly a good example of a "senior artist formula", i.e. touring with a threesome, making it possible to be there, but with lesser stage-time.. Interaction between the three is not that important if you ask me, but some songs (was it pretending to care?) did very well when forces joined..!

Things I thought could work better are Todd not yelling out while doing LOTCM (even I can't make these hige notes when kicked in the nuts) and the choice of venue. Carre Amsterdam is somewhat chique, you have to be/stay seated, can't approach the stage. I would plead for a return of the '94 experience: bring in TR-i, and let us interact more with the performer(s)!

Hang on in there Todd, hope to see you many many more times.

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06/12/2005 - Carre - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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