Review Carré 11 and 12 june 2005

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I must be a lucky guy! First I had to wait for 30 years for a chance to see my hero perform live (last summer with the Liars at the Bospop Rock Festival: really smashing: 60 minutes Loud and Proud: Todd Rocked!) and now I got the chance to see him twice in one weekend just 20 miles from my hometown! Maybe the reception he got backstage from the Naked2U ladies last year in Weert speeded up his return to Holland (;-), see picture, sorry Todd!). Now the reviews: I had two really wonderful nights. Ethel was great, Joe is an excellent musician and songwriter and Todd is Todd. For me the songs together with Joe, Ethel and Todd were the absolute highlights of the shows (Pretending to Care, Throw it Away, WMGGW, Soul Brother, Stood Up), but I enjoyed all of it. On Saturday the sound was very loud and very sharp, on Sunday it was much better. Both nights were quite different. No standard jokes or introductions. The second night JJ played a duet with Dorothy, the celloplayer (I don't know the title of the song) and Todd had a different set list. Cliché was left out and Tiny Demons, I don't want to tie you down (or was it Hawking, I'm not completely sure) and You've got to hide your love away (from The Beatles) were put in. Especially Tiny Demons was absolutely wonderful. Alas Soul Brother wasn't played on Sunday. As was the case last year at Bospop, Todd filled the stage, very comfortable, relaxed and good humoured. What an artist! Both he and Joe were obviously having a great time in Amsterdam, only the weather was awfull: very cold and heavy rains. So they made a lot of jokes about the Dutch summer, which led to jokes about Donna Summer and a short cover-version by Todd of Love to love you, baby. Hilarious! The purpose of Bang The Drum All Day on Sunday, as explained by Todd, was to shed out all the loads of sunshine contained in the little ukelele over Amsterdam. I think Todd really succeeded. Thank you Todd (and Joe and Ethel) for these superb shows!

Forever in my heart,

Rob Zwitserlood

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06/11/2005 - Carre - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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