short review to the june 11, 2005 show with Joe Jackson and Ethel in Carre Amsterdam

Review by Rens Korevaar (Switch to

I presume a review is looking back on a show. Seeing, believing and hearing Todd Rundgren - among others - in Carre Amsterdam on a freezy saturday night in june 2005 is not looking back on this show. As a dedicated follower of brilliant fashion in ballads about live in our society I'm feeling back since 1974. So this show is part of mighty anthology. I did not see Todd since many years; among those were 20 shows in the States.

My foreward view is that Todd will continue with shows on our planet, without reviews. Just be there and feel it.

I think that I will plan my view on next shows of him again in the States in 2006 or some later. Hope that he will be around in venues then.

Todd, thank for being again in Amsterdam. Stay aside in my life.

Say hello to Michelle!

Rens Korevaar Doetinchem (formerly The Hague) Analog pictures without a handicap

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06/11/2005 - Carre - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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