Todd Rundgren June 11 Amsterdam Carre

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What a voice! What a guitarist and what a piano-player! And besides all that: It was again big fun to see and hear Todd Rundgren. Nearly Human! It was again incredable to see and hear that this man really is able to perform more power and energy on stage than on the record. It really was fantastic! I saw Todd many years ago in "De Beurs van Berlage" in Amsterdam and I was that lucky guy who was invited to dance with Todd and his three beautiful dancers on stage. Besides that he invited me then to play bells and drums during his Interactive Set.

Also this concert I could shake hands with Todd Rungren after a great concert with old and later made ballads.

Thanks Todd and I hope to see you soon!

Rene de Haas

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06/11/2005 - Carre - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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