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Me and my wife saw Joe & Todd in Carre on both Saturday (row 12) and Sunday (row 3!), and were treated to one of the best concerts we've ever seen. Todd was good on Saturday, but he was absolutely sublime on Sunday. The set was better balanced and the change of songs (and order) worked out very well. Not in the least because Todd lost the nerves that almost ruined the first three songs in the set on Saturday (the sound being not too well tuned at that point didn't help though). One of the high points was Hawking which brought tears to my face, and Pretending To Care with Ethel was beautiful as well. We also had a lot of fun with Bang The Ukele Daily, which brought tears from laughter on Saturday.

On Sunday we had the change to wait for Todd at the artist's entrance and we're thrilled to have talked with him (again), and having our picture taken. Thanks Todd!

Joe BTW was excellent on Saturday and some what less excellent on Sunday, but very enjoyable nevertheless. If Todd indeed will tour with Donald Fagen as rumoured the triangle is complete, since Todd, Joe, and Steely Dan/Donald Fagen is the music I play most.

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06/11/2005 - Carre - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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