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Hi their,

Im a fan since 1974. Know all the words, have all the music...even the rare one.

On my birthday I was with my friend in Liverpool. ( I met him over over the T.Rundgren connaction! Imagine!) Saw the foto he had as a cover in the Lady Lever Galery and only the europien wing answered!

Heh, we sendet even SMS with the beginning and ending of his songs. Amd that over 3years now, romatic no? more than 20 flights?international feel!

Thats hope and not cynical and that he shoud smile about it dont you thing????

He made good things happen and he should know that. How I dont know. Nobody seem to be interesstet. Around him seem to be not worth it!!!???

I will see him in Hamburg soon.( finaly near my hometown;-).

Was great in Liverpool, the same place where my daughter got on year before her graduation from Mc-chartney, the same seats even. strange!

After beiing a fan over ten years a wrote something in the utopia times. With foto.

Im just happy to see him, 1st time in Weert last year. Im a big fan from Todd Rundgren, not Joe Jackson.

So a warm wellcome for him in europe, a hope that he comes back some time.

I dont care if any strings brake. And if words and songs are in a unusuall order. Or if he dont fit the general taste, Its why I loved his music for so long. Im definate used and like!

Oh my exhusband is musician too, from Philadelphia. Jazz, they startet to play around the same clubs, Woodys Truckstop and so.

Longer than any relation!

( I know its not a "articel" toprint. I dont expect that. To personal. Did not know what to say for a long time. But its what I basicly feel. the letter I enhanced I never got an answer too.)

Wood had been a good advertising I guess, wired as it is!

Anyway, did not expect to see him twice after not able too for 30 years. A present.

I want to thank him respectfull for his insperative and creative musical and word output for so many years. Thats special today! Applause!!!

I would be their even I would be the only one. I was always kind of allone in my taste and he was always not easy to listen too for everybody. Thats how it was when I was 17! Maybe did never change!

Last concert in Berlin and than america again. Hope it will a good. Berlin should be fine!

Thank you Todd Rundgren again!


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