Todd Liverpool 9th June

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Judging from some of the Stateside reviews some of our friends across the Atlantic are spoilt with yearly, at least, tours from Todd. Keep coming here Todd where you are appreciated (the reaction of the audience last night will tell you that) I have been a Todd fan since I first heard ' A wizard a true star' (still my favourite Todd release). Although I must admit I lost touch in the 80s and 90s. Marriage, kids etc.

With the release of 'Liars' last year my enthusiam was re-kindled and have subsequently been avidly buying the music from the 'missing years'.

Anyway back to the gig.

Thought Ethel were outstanding - excellent reception from audience for an opening act.

Joe Jackson - not my 'cup of tea' solo, but obviously excellent musician, songwriter and performer. With Ethel and Ethel/Todd excellent.

Todd - everything I could wish for. Variety of material, styles etc. So what if there were a couple of broken strings etc this is live music!! If I want to hear a 'perfect' musical performance I can listen to a studio recorded CD. My 20 year old daughter accompanied me and although keen on 'Liars' wasn't that enthusiatic regarding Todd's other material. After last night she is a convert.

Thanks again for a brilliant evening (as was 'Liars' last year at The Royal Festival Hall).

Look forward to next summer (heres hoping).

Oh yes before I go, what a June in Liverpool, Todd last night and Brian Wilson at the end of the month in the Big Top, Liverpool Summer Pops. I'm in seventh heaven.

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