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Hey no ones posted yet so here goes............00:01 10 June

Wow , what can I say, after being a Todd fan since the mid 70's and seing him first in '77, and again in '79 at Knebworth etc, I was still amazed at his performance tonight.

He was great even though a load of strings broke on his guitars and on the last song too!

Ethel were great, really liked them, reminded me a bit of the Penguin Cafe Orchestera, but wilder !

Then Joe came on well not really heard much of Joes work, but his piece on stage was great, clear and wonderful, then a short break and then Todd Well he suffered a bit from people shouting stuff, but he soon had them in the palm of his hand.

Had a great moment when half way through I saw the light another string broke!, hey but he stopped changed guitars and then just picked up the song, and btw, there was a loving couple that danced to his crooning, and this was wonderful. His was full of it tonight, last UK date, and in Liverpool, as he said the place of the rock and roll royalty, {the beatles}.

He did Hey you got to hide your love away, which had the crowd with him 101 per cent.

didnt do Tiny Demons , but changed the slot around a little, with stuff like Lord Chancellors Nightmare in the with Ethel, Pretending to care was a stunner, but Black and white the Wheel were excellent, Anyway, to end the night with While mY Guitar in Liverpool with Ethel and Joe was a STUNNINGLY brilliant piece of music.

Overall I was very , very

PS , I hope some one post pictures I was a little too far back for my camara to work, and btw, I noticed the little 7 seater being shifted round away from the back of the doors, and followed it round to the front on ly to see todd and Joe , wisk themselfs into and pictures, oh dear..................

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06/09/2005 - Philharmonic - Liverpool, England

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