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Arrived at Stage Door at 5.00pm and a group of people already waiting - same crewe as we met in Manchester last year - it was nice to see them again.

Todd arrived about 5.10pm and as usual he was just brilliant, he had so much time and patience for people, making sure you got the authograph and photos you wanted - a true gent. One girl even stole a kiss but Trace lost her nerve to ask! I asked about the supposed Utopia tour next year and he said it was just rumours (we'll see and live in hope).

We then headed to the amazing Philarmonic Pub and duly met up with people from all over the UK including Gary from Scotland, Gladys and friend and a couple from Manchester. It was the like the Todd appreciation society and spirits were high. Couldn't help thinking it would be lovely to have Todd with us, sitting and chatting to people who had so much admiration for his music.

We actually missed Ethel's opening set but Joe Jackson was very good. He was very relaxed, with an excellent voice and his piano playing was great. We particularly enjoyed Love at First Light and Akward Age. He got an excellent reception from the crowd who clearly enjoyed the set.

Todd strolled on in a sharp suit and white shirt - WOW - to a rousing reception. He burst into Love of the Common People which was just a brilliant opener and had the crowd with him immediately. A couple even managed to dance at the front of the stage to I Saw the Light. The clarity and quality of his voice was just amazing. Afterlife was brilliant, the Viking Song was flawless and we were treated to Stood Up from the Liars album. The highlight for me was Pretending to Care which they should get in the studio and record. Ethel were quite a revelation to us as we didn't really see how it would all sound together but it worked so well. There was the odd bum note and broken string which only added to the charm and spontineity of the evening. All in all a very intimate audience with Todd, almost like having him play in your living room! The only disappointment was that it had to end as we could have listened all night.

Well done Todd, hope you enjoyed your stay in the UK and please please come back soon, with or without Utopia.

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06/09/2005 - Philharmonic - Liverpool, England

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