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Last nights show in the UK leg of the tour ... and it didnt disappoint. We seem to have fared better than our friends across the pond. Our enthusiasm over here has been rewarded with extra songs and enthusiasm from Todd. Ethel were brilliant.

Joe was superb

And Todd was just........well he just was! My highlights were getting to meet him in York after the show, getting him Lei-d in Liverpool and [according to Todd from Ethel] he noticed my 11 year old son..."the kid in the Liars T-shirt on the front row! The same "kid" who managed to get 3 plectrums stuck to the gaffer tape at the end of the show. My first Todd gig was at the Liverpool Empire 30 years ago, and the post gig blues are still as bad., as they seem to be for my son who insisted sleeping in his Liars T-shirt!

A special thanks to Todd, Ralph, Mary and Dorothy for spending the time with my son[autographs etc]..........this "kid" also plays the Viola!

Todd - R {loved the new suit at Liverpool, by the way] if you are listening, last year and this years UK concerts have been an absolute JOY! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

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06/09/2005 - Philharmonic - Liverpool, England

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