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Awesome night! Ethel totally ROCK!! Brazilian,Indian raga,Delta blues,Finnish fiddling!! What more do you want? Bought the cd on the way out,shame it doesnt include all the stuff they are doing now.

Joe was wonderful,very warm, understated, maybe a little uncomfortable with the applause? Strange for a seasoned performer.Hi-lite for me was "Love at first Light".

The Runt came on like a hurricane.First thing you notice is the VOICE, it hasnt changed in all these years, incredibly powerful.He assaulted the two 6 strings,broken strings & banter with the audience followed. He abandoned "Black & White" halfway thru (string), & continued on the piano, then returned to the guitar for a reprise of "Black & White", just awesome!

Everyone on stage for the finale which contained two encores,ending with "While my guitar gently Weeps".

A fabulous nights entertainment, very eclectic, maybe not wholelly to everyones tast, but I loved it all, with each performance giving you something different. Thank you people, for coming to our town.

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06/06/2005 - The Sage - Newcastle, England

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