Review Hammersmith Odeon, London Sunday 5th June 2005

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Firstly Ethel opened the set and I found myself sitting there in a world of my own. I had forgotten where I was for 30 odd minutes, thoroughly enjoyed Ethel, I will be checking out their cd in the near future. I liked Todd Reynolds comment about them being classically trained musicians who had lost there way.

Although I’m not familiar with Joe’s songs I enjoyed his set & found it to be both professional and entertaining. I think there was a new song tonight called Drowning w/cello.

I won’t list the songs Todd played as this has already been covered but, again I found Todd to be in good form. I particularly liked Hawking (even with its flaws) and was very pleased that ‘Stood Up’ was included in the set. I thought this song worked very well with ‘the band’. I hope that Todd could somehow include this & Soul Brother in the DVD of the tour, which no doubt will be released next year.

Overall I really enjoyed the show, Todd Joe & Ethel as a combination works very well & I would very much hope that we could see more of them again in the future.

Hoping that Todd will continue to have his European Vacation every summer.

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06/05/2005 - Hammersmith Apollo - London, England

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