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Short n' sweet

I will leave the Joe and Ethel stuff to people who know more than I do, some of Joe’s stuff was very good…all of Ethel’s set was MAGNIFICENT.

Now back to business.

As any rabid TRFan knows..a Todd concert is not just a concert, it is an times, it can be a life changing experience.

This time I was shocked, amazed, excited and fearful for OH as he stumbled during Hawking...He apologised (and as been said before) we really felt for him.

That was the only low point in a performance that bristled with energy. Alright, it had it's ups and downs, but with a talent like his.. you don't really give a damn about the occasional flub.

Beloved Infidel just blew me away..I never really considered it as one of Todd's defining moments but it just made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Boy that guy can sing!

Stood Up was a masterpiece that sprouted wings and took to the air, with Ethel's fabulous strings and Joe on backing vocals (and shaker)it becomes a totally different beast.

At the after-show (thanks G) Todd was ever the professional...lots of media folk milling around but he gave us fans plenty of attention.

At one point I was having my picture taken with him, he leaned on me.. I said "are you tired?" and he said "yeah Smeeg, hold me up"...Anytime dude, anytime.

Thanks Todd for a wonderful show and for giving us so much of your valuable time.

(still floating 6 ft off the ground)

Oh and a big thanks to Eeeeej and Steve for organising the pre-show,

and to everyone else I met (you all know who you are) Thanks for making me feel so welcome!

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06/05/2005 - Hammersmith Apollo - London, England

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