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A very entertaining show.. I took an old friend who lives in London to the show.. he'd never heard TR before, and couldn't believe the variety of music on offer.. he particularly enjoyed 'Viking' 'Uke' the 'quintessentially English' Gilbert & Sullivan.. and of course the finale with Joe and Ethel..

Todd's solo set was again very enjoyable, and he sang his heart out, amazing projection... his voice literally filled the hall.. In comparison to Leicester Todd did seem maybe a little tense / nervous.. playing London is obviously a big deal for him.. The Leicester solo set was much more relaxed.. Also the Hammersmith Yamaha piano was not to Joe or Todd's liking, and both seemed to have problems with the in-ear monitors again.. I'm sure all this contributed to the problems in 'Hawking'.. but like Smeeg said, that was the only low point of the great show...

The final set, especially 'Stood Up' was just fantastic.. and the best 'Weeps' I've heard so far..

Nice to (briefly) meet EJ + family, Smeeg, Greg and Jojo (and everyone else).. unfortunately, thanks to a road accident on the M40 motorway I missed the pre-show.. (It was a nightmare journey to the gig)

In conclusion, I'm really glad to have gotten to see these shows.. and I still can't believe I got to hear three tunes off of Liars!!

Thanks Todd, and come back next year.. (Willie Kas and Roger are most welcome too!!.. lol)


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06/05/2005 - Hammersmith Apollo - London, England

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