Todd at London Apollo Hammersmith 5 June 2005

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Having already reviewed the show in Portsmouth and seen the opener in Central Park, I didn't really feel I'd have much to add on the London concert. What I would like to say however, is how much Todd has given his fans over these last 40 or so years, both musically and of himself. Last night was no exception, he valiantly strove to open his part of the set despite obviously being able to see a substantial amount of people trying to take their seats whilst balancing overflowing plastic beer cups and creating a Mexican wave effect for at least the first three songs (including Beloved Infidel) -- the mood didn't lend itself, at that point, to the sentiment of the song and I'd have struggled a tearful rendition whilst watching denim clad Londoners saying "excuse me -- no excuse me -- oh, pardon me, was that your foot" in the seats, fiddling with gadgets and generally not paying enough attention. However, the whole thing changed after a heartfelt "sorry" from Todd during "Hawking" and he had us all spellbound. I actually flinched for him as it was apparent that being in London held something special for him (hence Lord Chancellor's Nightmare) and I honestly feel he'd have liked to have given us more at that point -- for that reason it actually moved me to a tear and from then on the show moved up and up and up to STOOD UP (sensational rendition with Ethel and Joe). When Todd left the stage for a time JJ and Ethel took the helm well, before a finale that I can quite honestly say moved me (as was the case 30 years back at the same venue) to get out of my seat and run around the isle to hug some friends. Todd did say that he'd need to come back to England each year to buy new clothes as his last lot had got a bit smelly! Well, Todd come back now and then with your laundry and air it in public -- the English, Welsh, Scots and Irish all love you and we can take the smelly socks as well as the fragrant moments. It's all part of the package of Todd Rundgren!

One comedic incident that could have been missed if you just looked away for a second was during "Hello it's me" when he gets to the line "and spend the night if you think I should" he followed it with a brilliantly executed nervous tick and a smile.

To close, it was 30 years ago I first saw Todd on stage at The Apollo -- I'm now a mature woman and still hopelessly in love with this man and his music that has added so much to my life without him even knowing it. Last night was very important to me -- so will I be at the Apollo meeting Todd in the next 30 years? Maybe in my afterlife.

Laura (the Explorah!)

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06/05/2005 - Hammersmith Apollo - London, England

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