Todd, Joe and Ethel Review, Leicester 3rd June 2005

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Having read some of earlier non-UK reviews I was not sure what to expect. There had been some pretty scathing remarks about Todd's performances. However we were not disappointed. What a fantastic evening. Ethel were brilliant opening the show - Classical music "with a twist". They were given a warm welcome by the audience.

I am not too familiar with Joe's work other than the singles, but he put in a fine performance and interacted well with the audience especially with the audiences badly timed cry of "Where" during "Is she really going out with him".

But it was Todd I was there to see, and what a performance! I had enjoyed the Liars concert at Birmingham, but as I think one of the other reviewers had said, this was more relaxed affair and Todd was in fine form both in terms of performance and his sense of humour. When waving his acoustic guitar from side to side so that the feedback he was getting could be tweaked out, his remark to the audience was something along the lines of "..just so you can all have a look" I suppose you needed to be there, but it cracked me up and was only one of many comical asides to the audience; Not the Todd described by earlier reviewers of this tour. His voice was as powerful as ever and from the opening notes of the first song you knew that this was going to be a good night.

It was great to hear some of the old favourites with Todd either playing acoustic guitar or piano, and the Todd, Joe and Ethel version of Soul Brother was amazing.

As always with Todd you are never quite sure what you are letting yourself in for, but this line up was inspirational showing yet another dimension to Todd's repertoire.

Well done Todd, Joe and Ethel a thoroughly entertaining evening.

All we need now is the rumoured Utopia reunion tour some time soon and life would be peachy.

Come back again soon Todd

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06/03/2005 - De Montford - Leicester, England

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