Todd, Joe Jackson and Ethel in Leicester Friday 3rd June 2005

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I really like Todd’s music. I don’t have that much of it (just the ‘go ahead, ignore me’, Best of CD). I only have Joe Jackson’s greatest hits. When I heard that they were touring together, I was quite excited as I liked the idea of what they were proposing to do. So I drove the 2 hours from my work to Leicester.


It was a great night for them. Ethel were very ‘different’ and realty shone in the 2 bluesy numbers that they did at the end of the set, treating the violins like Les Paul guitars. I had no idea you could get that kind of sound from a violin. Well done.


Brilliant. Utter consummate professional. Nice, polite and mildly humorous throughout, he really impressed me not only with his skills on the piano (really shown in the 1913 song) but also his voice. The voice is as good as the records (but better because it’s live and less compressed). He played the hits you’d expect and a few new songs. Steppin’ out was amazing. I am a piano player myself and I was struck by the complexity of the arrangement he had chosen, the left hand alone would have been enough for me but the right hand and singing on top was first class.


I really wanted him to play ‘Can we still be friends?’. By the time he emerged onto the stage I thought ‘I don’t care what he plays’. I missed the Liars tour last year as I felt the album was a bit flat but when I heard about this show, I thought I’d better go along because who knows when he’s going to be able to come back to the UK?

I was not disappointed. I don’t claim to be an expert on his music so I won’t give a track by track analysis. Suffice to say he did play CWSBF. The version of Hello it’s me (one of my favourite songs) on the piano was sublime as was Pretending to Care.

Well done to all of them and let’s hope they come back soon!

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06/03/2005 - De Montford - Leicester, England

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