York Opera House 6/2/05

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After reading some negative postings here I wasn't too sure about this gig tonight but came away very, very happy. Ethel played some beautiful music with Indian influences and some bits (to me) sounding like the Mahavishnu Orchestra and some rooty blues licks in the last number. Joe Jackson looked not completely at ease and I wasn't sure if he was looking for more feedback from the Yorkshire audience. However, they loved every tune and applauded enthusiastically. The new songs sounded great and of course he got the obligatory 'where?' shout from the crowd in ISRGOWH.

Todd played everything you would want to hear in such a short slot. Highlights for me were Stood Up (I was busting for this to be aired on the Liars tour) and a spellbinding Pretending to Care. I got so lost in it the rendition it caught me out applauding too early - lose 7 anorak points for not remembering the ending. A couple of minor fluffs on the joanna and guitar but that's what I like about seeing him and hearing the banter. Piano fluff - 'ah, so many opportunities!'. Todd made a comment about the condition of the piano and from the second row we agreed it looked knackered. Didn't stop him knocking out some wonderful stuff though.

A brilliant gig and really looking forward to the Sage in Gateshead.

PS At the soundcheck they were rattling through Soul Brother so hopefully a set list change on Monday!

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06/02/2005 - Opera House - York, England

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