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Delivered-To: Quite simply, Todd was in really fine voice tonight!

Talk of a 'Bristol curse' was exorcised early on, after it claimed a top E string within the first bar of 'love of the common man'.

Following this, he continued to raise the game, despite being 'fan heckled' by an aging acid casualty, who robbed us of Todd banter for the first half of the set.

'Cliche' was superb, as was 'Hello its me' on the Steinway. I was impressed at his vocal range....yes, he can still hit those notes. I could have sat through much more solo Todd, but 'Ethel' returned to the stage to accompany our hero in 'Pretending to care'

Thank you, Todd!

I cried, as I'm sure many others did. It was absolutely perfect! I would have paid the entrance fee for that performance alone. Then, as I wiped my eyes, Todd was gone, to be replaced by Joe, for one number... it was a shock, excellent as it was.

Todd returned for a first...a live version of 'I stood up too fast' which was another highlight for me...clever use of string scraping by Ethel to give the phasing effect.

Then it was time for the encore...

'While my guitar gently weeps'....with no guitar solo!! excellent, of course, but to have Todd and electric guitar 10 feet away, and not get a solo.....oh well.

'Ethel were very good, although I thought they wasted the second part of their set with a blues jam session, which had limited, but powerful appeal. Joe Jackson was also highly entertaining, and it was very pleasant to get to know his music again in this way.

It was a lovely night, and the music was superb.

I do hope that Todd was not put off by the bristol curse....its not real, by the way....the real curse of Bristol is that Todd doesn't play there all the time! To answeer the over critical U.S. reviewers...yes, there were a few HOWLING mistakes, particularly on the piano, but it is the style with which a piece is performed that makes it special, and it is a privelege to be taken into such a performers confidence with that knowing smile that says, ' Shit! where am I?' Even Joe Jackson, for all his obvious piano prowess, treated us to some excellent 'lost chords', but reclaimed them with a flourish of skillfull musical elastoplasty.

If there is a 'Utopia' reuinion, I hope they remember to visit us over the 'pond'

In fact, Todd, We want you here more often!

Its the one american import we really need!!!

Thanks, Todd.

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05/31/2005 - Colston Hall - Bristol, England

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