Colston Hall - Bristol 31st May2005

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Well I never dreamed I would get to see Todd in Bristol & meet him (briefly!) so am astonished to have the opportunity to see 2 gigs within a year in the little port of Bristol. . . .confess to being a little disappointed not to hear a live performance of "Afterlife" as this currently is my favourite Toddsong - however, hearing "Pretending to Care" with Ethel was a delight & the world onstage premier of "Stood Up" (with Jo & Ethel) was very cool - no-one on earth has such an amazing voice. . . . ."Song of the Viking" at break-neck speed on piano was most amusing. . . thanks Todd for exorcising the ghost of Colston Hall!

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05/31/2005 - Colston Hall - Bristol, England

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