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I'm really disappointed that all the other reviewers got in before I did! Every powerful and pertinent point I wanted to raise has already been covered - sio here's just a few observations.

Joe Jackson looks as though he is seriously ill. He is a gaunt, grey and skeletal figure, but a powerful voice and projection marked his delightful 50 minutes.

I remembered the shouty woman from both the Royal Albert Hall and Birmingham Liars shows - she may be a shouty woman, she may be an acid casualty, but she is obviously a deeply commited fan and it's just a shame that she got the attention of the hall nazis.

Todd dealt with her reasonably well, and one thing I haven't noticed in reviews yet is the astonishing way in which his new accoustic guitar sounded like an electric during Black and White.

And, when the strings broke during stood up, the smooth way in which he kept singing while the technician handed over the change guitar brought a round of applause from the audience.

Overall, a satisfying and enjoyable night - but somewhat uneasy that the only song which really animated the Bristol crowd was you've got to hide your love away.

Still, onward and upward to Leicester on Friday!


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05/31/2005 - Colston Hall - Bristol, England

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