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Pete, Penny, Spike, John, Gary, Rob, Dave, Glad and Mr Glad, JoJo and LauRA

Chips, Beer and Chilli at the Asambard Kingdom Brunel Pub. Better than a school outing, much louder and no-one picked their nose.


Well, I'm a convert. Having heard them in Central Park they'd left me rather cold, but I guess having seen each bow string being sheered in complete exuberance and with such passion, it finally hit home. Pure musicians and great entertainment -- I'll look forward to enjoying them more in London. The blonde kept winking at my mate Spike!

Joe Jackson

I'm a recent convert and, at first, was a little concerned when Joe didn't get a complete burst of applause on his home-coming gig. However, he soon got the level of the crowd and remembered he's back in England and has to work for his money -- cup of tea in hand he announced his songs one after another. The only titles I know are "Is she really going out with him" (did anyone else shout WHERE or was it just me?) "Love at first light" "Different for Girls" and then, to my delight, Joe announced he is soon to be a film star (in role he will play a 1920's piano player). He chose the song to be used in the film which is an old ditty my grandfather used to sing to me. Spike didn't know it but JoJo and I sang along in our best cockney accents. "Hello, Hello, who's yer lady friend, who's the little girlie by your side. I saw you with a girl of two, oh oh oh oh I am surprised at you". The audience obviously enjoyed Joe and he warmed up as the set progressed -- he's a strange looking kinda of alien but I loved his sparkling diamond earring and the way he giggled at his own jokes and then swilled more tea (I can relate as I keep my tea very near to hand after being in America for a time). I'll be back for more JJ especially if I get to see him with his band.

Todd Rundgren

I spy with my little eye (a group of fans from Patronet)! Brown suited Todd for this evening and JoJo welcomed him with a Žlei' of the best plastic flowers money can buy. The smile she received was worth the £2.50 alone. OH was on good form and joked around for a while giving a great performance and matching Joe only once with a botched piano start -- it was a point that he prefers his guitars to piano after 40 years and it's still that way. Having seen a similar set in NYC I can only say that it was just as good an evening, but in quite a different way. Todd relates to an English audience differently and more gently -- he seems to soak up what is needed and soon taps into the environment -- he seemed very relaxed and the vibe in the Guildhall was akin to one where you are at a comfy party with lots of people you know. I think he felt respect, so gave a respectful performance. I can't really chose a highlight because I loved hearing "Pretending to Care" but he gave Lysistrata such welly that I was suitably impressed to stand up afterwards and stamp my feet.


Best I've ever experienced for some reason. The evening was mellow, appreciative without being rowdy and well humoured. No coughing, talking or annoying behaviour -- courteous manner from staff and fellow fans. Crap T Shirts you guys on the front desk! Contact a certain Welshman for something more suitable -- you know it makes sense! Only one fecker got on my nerves and he was sitting next to me (Spike you said you'd not sing!!) Sorry about the black eye, I hear steak is good for it.


Todd, Joe and Ethel (and us, a bit)

A rousing close and encore which, quite frankly, got me going if the truth be known. Lucky I'm a girl or the police might have been involved.

Post Concert

JoJo and I decided earlier in the day that we would not harass OH at all, so after the show we went to the stage door and jumped on him as he left. Todd was great, all smiles and signed stuff for me. He asked my name and when I said Laura, he said "Oh, Laura the Explorer" so I told him about having been to NYC show and now he'd come to my home County (I could have saved on flights etc ho ho ho). I did ask if he'd visited the Victory Flag Ship but, after asking about it, he said "No" there'd been so much to see in town! See Gary's photo and review (later) to see where OH went shopping÷÷÷÷

London Sunday so better take my vitamins.

Thanks Todd you never ever let us down.

Laura the Explorer (RA) Patronet

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05/30/2005 - Guild Hall - Portsmouth, England

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