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Ethel rock! Skewered to my seat in a way I would not have thought possible from a string quartet who used to play Schubert or something.

Wasn't sure about Joe Jackson before the show - I have been converted. He is passionate, funny and a wonderful musician. Hometown was especially touching, for obvious reasons.

And Todd? After some of the stuff I have read here, I was a little nervous, but no worries. The singing was as good as anything I have heard on any live recording - he had the audience eating out his hand (and what wonderful treats they were). No broken strings, one fluff in HIM on the piano (but not at the key change lol). Lysistrata was delivered with so much feeling (alas it continues to be relevant) and I dont suppose I was the only one moved to tears by Pretending to Care - the strings more than take the place of the original vocal sounds.

With just a few of his songs, TR proved again that he is one of the greatest songwriters and entertainers ever.

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05/30/2005 - Guild Hall - Portsmouth, England

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