5/21 Redwood City show

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I'm a Todd fan from way back - although admittedly I've lost track of him in recent years. After seeing his show at the beautiful Fox Theater in Redwood City, I have one question. What has happened to Todd? When did he become so pompously cynical?

I knew I was in trouble when he introduced one of my favorite songs, "I Saw the Light." He said someone had compared his new arrangement to Jose Feliciano (I think that someone was from this message board). He basically called them ignorant and then went on to play a bizarre hybrid of that once amazing song. And yes, Todd, it did sound like Jose Feliciano (actually not a bad thing). In fact, Todd rearranged the sound and structure of many of his old songs. Granted, it's the prerogative of the artist to alter their own works. But geez, Todd, cut your fans some slack. When we shell out 50+ bucks to see you play a few nuggets from the past I think we deserve a little bit more respect.

By contrast, Joe Jackson was more than happy to mix in faithful classics with newer gems. He was cordial, gracious, funny and deserved the prolonged standing "o" after his set. Not sure how Todd ended up as we left after about 7 songs. Frankly, I couldn't take my wife's mocking whispers of "Todd is God ?!!!" any longer.

Granted there were several rabid fans there who I'm sure would think Todd clearing his throat was tantamount to musical nirvana. Sadly, all I saw was a paunchy old man, who seems to have disdain for his own best work and shows a general indifference to the fans that still hold that notion of "utopia".

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05/21/2005 - Fox Theatre - Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts - Redwood City, CA

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