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Better late then never with my review as I was simply enjoying the after affects of seeing Todd live once again. I have been a fan since my older sister brought home Something Anything when I was in 4th grade. Over the years I have seen him live over 20 times and have yet to be disappointed. Yes, I will admit, my Todd Rundgren "dream concert" would be to have Todd in my living room, playing my plain old baby grand piano and my Yamaha guitar while my family and a few select friends watched, sang, and laughed along with Todd...and yes, Hello it's Me and Common Man would be played without interruption, sweet and clear, but that is only a dream. One of the reasons that I keep coming back is because of Todd's creativity, wonderfully diverse music, and continually innovative productions. I have turned on many a fan including my husband who saw his first Todd concert 9 years ago. For the TR/Joe Jackson tour, we were fortunate enough to get last minute front row seats and even though my view of Todd and Joe was partially obstructed by an ill placed speaker, Todd was Todd....... and no less. Sitting that close allowed us to see that this genius not only enjoys playing for his fans, but he was very sensitive to the only two MINOR mishaps during Hello It's Me and at the end of Common Man when a guitar string broke. Todd has amassed a huge and dedicated following not by being canned or predictable, but by being rawly talented.....about as close to being in my living room as it gets. After the concert, my husband and I sat with smiles on our faces, waiting until the crowd thinned. We are now fans of Joe Jackson and Ethel thanks to Todd, just as we have become fans of other artists who were so impeccably chosen for past concerts that TR produced. A prolific song writer and musician who is creative and unpredictable while being an untouchable producer.....just a few reasons why we'll always be thrilled to see Todd live.


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05/21/2005 - Fox Theatre - Villa Montalvo Center for the Arts - Redwood City, CA

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