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The show at the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa was fantastic. The venue is perfect for seeing live music, has excellent acoustics and is comfortable for the audience. This is one of my favorite places to see live music. I imagine that it is a nice place for the musicians to play as well.

I really liked how the whole show was set up and produced. I thought having three different sets of artists each do a set was like being at three different shows, except I didn't have to leave my seat.

Ethel is a unique string quartet that your just not going to see everyday. My first impression was classically trained Musicians gone wild! The style of music is not something I can easily define. Though, I can say the energy of Ethel is electrifying. I enjoyed listening to them.I think anyone who appreciates the core essence of where music is from will like Ethel. It's different from anything else your going to hear on the radio today. They are not a commercial sound even though the music is featured on a promo for Deadwood.

Joe Jackson is just so incredible! When they first announced this show I just wasn't seeing the connection with Todd.(Turns out I didn't need to) I've seen Joe Jackson before but seeing him solo gave me the opportunity to enjoy his talent more closely. His voice is so beautiful and the sounds he resonates with his piano have such sweetness and power. "Is he she really going out with him" is the hit but I so enjoyed listening to him play the piano and sing his new songs as well. It gave me a new found appreciation for him. I think his songwriting is equally as good as Todd's.

Todd! Todd was the reason I was at this show in the first place. Seeing a Todd Rundgren show is one of my favorite things to do in life. I first saw him on my 18th birthday in 1978 and have been going to see him every time he's in Northern California since. I love the fact that he plays in Sonoma County and rarely miss a show. Heck, I wouldn't care if he played "Hello it's me" on a kazoo." Musically there is so much he brings to the table. I think he is such a great songwriter and talented musician.He is so versatile! I love how he produces his music. I like the sounds this man makes and somehow it satisfies my craving for how I think music should sound and be played more then anyone else.From Compassion to One world I enjoy it all. I like his silly sense of humor and wry look on things as he banters with the audience. I thought he was having a fine night on stage. My only complaint was that it all wasn't longer. I actually had the opportunity to meet Todd that night. He was polite, easy to talk to, funny and gracious.

I just so appreciated seeing this show. I didn't care if something was a little out of tune, or it's not played just like how it sounds on the radio or if they forget the words of the song or if someone was looking at sheet music. I enjoyed seeing and hearing this music live.I hope as they head out on the European tour that they are truly recognized as the talented musicians and artists that they are. Because unfortunately, there are just not that many musicians of this caliber around. I have to admit, I was a bit stunned on how hypercritical some of the reviews have been. I can't believe some of these people call themselves fans.But I guess we all have our perception of perfection.

I had a great night and enjoyed this show tremendously!!!!!!!

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05/20/2005 - Luther Burbank Center - Santa Rosa, CA

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