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I don't know what some of you are griping about. Our show here in Santa Rosa was fantastic. Todd was in great voice and seemed to be having fun with us. Did you expect him to come in and sing "Hello It's Me" as if he were 25 years old and had just written it? He's a grown man and has written, what, a hundred songs since then? Are you pissed because he didn't sing your favorite song the way you like to hear it? If that's what you want, buy the cd. That is a recording that's frozen in time. We all know that as the earth spins every day on it's axis (blah, blah, blah), time is changing the shape of everything. Music is not static. The songs that we loved as young men and women still move us as we continue our lives as mature people. Our personal connection with that song has been made a long time ago. That moment is already established. But as we live on we change, the writer changes, and the music is malleable enough to adapt along with us. That's the beauty.

Anyway, Joe Jackson was amazing. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to see him in person. Beautiful piano playing, strong voice and powerful presence. Ethel is beyond description. Perverted classical I think. Measmerizing, exhausting. An inspired gathering of artists.

So get over it. Todd is not Godd, but he is a really nice guy.

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05/20/2005 - Luther Burbank Center - Santa Rosa, CA

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