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The show in San Diego was like that of a well-oiled machine. The separate performances by Ethel, Joe, Todd, and then as a group were Stellar. It was a refreshing to witness having string arrangements play along with Joe, and then with Todd, and then altogether for the finale "My guitar gently weeps" as well as the Mariachi Tribute. Much thanks to all for the great show.

Having read other, less than stellar reviews, I myself haven't forgotten that 25 years have past since I saw my first concert and have never put any one show on some grandioso scale of which to guage all others on. How can you? If one was so particularly pompous about a particular timeless performance that it became the only show imbedded in their minute brain, then they should have been keen enough to build a cryo-lab and froze their dumb arse into that era because there brain is still stuck there. These folks obviously still have 45rpm ears.

This tour will take Europe by storm.

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05/18/2005 - Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay - San Diego, CA

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