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I just saw the L.A. and San Diego shows and both were quite different but still able to warm my heart. Joe Jackson and Ethel were excellent choices on the bill. I've read several eloquently written reviews of the shows to date. They are also in-depth comparatives of Todd's performances from past to present, but I don't think it's worth the time to dissect this modern marvel. I frickin' love him in any incarnation. If his voice falters, I feel badly FOR HIM, not ME in the audience. I've waited patiently and excitedly from year to year since 1974, just so I can see Todd again. The man has put new wind in my sails over and over again and my emotions run high when I picture him vulnerable and alone onstage. For many years it has been his choice to fly solo, and with that decision comes the probability that there might be flaws. Who cares? I've heard the songs so much they are burned in my brain, so any variances could delight or mystify me. Also, Todd's not "Nearly Human" anymore. I have deemed him "Totally Human" and therefore brilliantly imperfect at times. The rigors of the road, the changes of venue and redundancies that occur when you have these many dates, will affect each performer differently. It still doesn't deter me or the other wonderful friends I've met over the years from the satisfaction of seeing and hearing Todd. The post-show descriptions I overhear from the fans I know show a passionate devotion to the overall charm, genius and beauty of the man and his musical gifts. Once the concert ended at magnificent Humphrey's in San Diego, I was left sitting alone on my bayside patio, under the stars (at 4 a.m.), unable to sleep and filled with strains of "Afterlife" indelibly imprinted on my brain.... and the tears began to flow. I got teased a lot this time around since most of the time if people glanced at me during the show, I was sobbing with gratitude for the biggest influence on my life. Todd has a genuine, devoted fan base willing to travel and shell out hard-earned dollars to see him and spend time with him, year after year after year. Not to worry, the impression this lovely man has made on me and the people I know will endure, unwaveringly til the Last Ride takes us out with a bong hit! Just relax, people and enjoy. It's "all good".

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05/18/2005 - Humphrey's Concerts By The Bay - San Diego, CA

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