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I attended the Wilshire Theater Show in Los Angeles last night and since some disparaging remarks were made in other reviews about Todd, I felt compelled to write in my two cents! I have to say that, although Todd's set was much shorter than when he's the only headliner, it was one of the very best Todd performances I've seen - and that's talking about some 30 odd shows! I'm also a fan of Joe Jackson and thought he was excellent - in fact I was really thinking he was setting up a tough act for Todd to follow. But of course Todd had no problem overwhelming my expectations. His voice was in fine form, his guitar and piano playing were excellent, and he was having a GREAT time and made sure that we did too. I'm so grateful to him for sharing some precious old songs that he rarely plays ("I Don't Want To Tie You Down" "Tiny Demons" and "Compassion") - it was like he was giving us such a beautiful gift for our loyal devotion all these years.

An old, dear friend attended the concert with me who has never seen Todd before. She actually was mainly interested in seeing Joe Jackson and to get a kick out of watching me freak out over Todd (and I didn't disappoint!). About the only Todd songs she knew were (of course) "Hello It's Me" and "I Saw The Light". She was so impressed that now she wants me to turn her on to all of Todd's music. She actually enjoyed his part of the show better than her "fave" Joe! We both agreed that WMGGW was indescribably amazing. Todd, Joe and Ethel together reached what we dubbed a musical "climax" that was one of those rare special moments in live performance when everyone is in synch and connecting musically and emotionally with the audience. That song brought the entire house to its feet and had Joe looking around in stunned amazement like, "what just happened?" He must be so happy to be doing this tour and discovering what an amazing performer Todd is!

Thank you SO much Todd, Joe and Ethel - you blew us away!

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05/17/2005 - Wilshire - Los Angeles, CA

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