Todd at the Wilshire 5/17

Review by Glen S. Fleetwood (Switch to

Joe sounded fine, his voice was serviceable.

Todd was drunk.

He made 4 mistakes on the opening number, alone. "Love of the Common Man". Which he still blamed on bi-polar Bob, his neighbor. He then made mistakes on "I Don't want to Tie you Down", Hello It's Me, and "Song of the Viking".

He made lewd remarks to the crowd.

Todd, you have blaming Bob for at least 7 years now.

It's the vodka.

Todd, no one loves your music more than I love your music. But it is time for rehab. Your stage manner is not funny, or charming. It rips off the fans and diminishes your legendary status. A 56 year old drunk is not cute. If you go to Promises in Malibu, you can meet Danny Bonnaduce, et al. I will visit you every day, if you want. I'll make sure its covered under your health insurance, which it is. But it's time. But I won't go to another Todd concert until you dry out.

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05/17/2005 - Wilshire - Los Angeles, CA

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