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Like most of the crowd, I had never been to the Cadillac Palace Theatre (formerly the Bismark Theatre) since it's primarily used for plays and other such theatrical performances. A local DJ even joked after Joe Jackson that next up was The Lion King! It's a beautiful, ornate, red carpet affair with great acoustics and sightlines. My only complaint being that perhaps TWO (count Ćem!) bartenders might be a tad inadequate when confronted by, oh, 2,300 thirsty patrons! Gee, ya think?!

ETHEL- I missed most of Ethel due to the 35 minute wait in the beer line. Needless to say, I drank no more! I caught the last couple minutes and was impressed by their musicianship, tho', admittedly, a little string quartet goes a long way to these ears! If you get a chance, keep an eye on the blond female cellist. She pummels her instrument with reckless abandon and stomps her foot so hard, I thought she was going to kick a hole in the stage floor with her high heels! There was literally no break after Ethel's set so be prepared to run back to your seat!

JOE JACKSON- I'd never seen Joe Jackson live and only know a handful of songs. But I must say that I was so impressed with his set that I was afraid he might steal the show! His voice was nearly perfect. I think I only heard one note all night that he didn't nail. Also, he is a very accomplished pianist and quite the storyteller. He was both hilarious and insightful, no easy feat. I think he slightly altered a previously posted set list. This is what I have. Any corrections much appreciated.

Home Town.
Steppin' Out
Awkward Age
Take It Like A Man
It's Different For Girls
Obvious Song
Love At First Light
Is That Your Lady Friend?
(I might be off on the exact title, but he said it was for a movie he has a role in this August. He plays...a singing piano player!)
Citizen Sane (apparently a new unrecorded song)
Is She Really Going Out With Him?
TODD RUNDGREN- After another short break, Todd nonchalantly strolled onstage. He, too, was quite the comedian! At one point, I noticed him scratching his nose and, of course, thought nothing of it. Todd then explained it was due to his lack of hygiene and...a nose hair! He wanted us all to know that it wasn't due to a visit from "Mr. Snowman!" What a kook...

Todd broke a string during (I think) "Black & White" but joked about it and picked up where he left off. Someone threw him some beads so he wore them from "Bang On The Drum" til the end of the show. Again, the set list differed slightly than those posted earlier and, apparently, was shorter by one or two songs. Any corrections appreciated.

Love Of the Common Man
I Saw The Light
Tiny Demons (not 100% sure he played this)
Black & White
I Don't Want To Tie You Down
I Saw The Light
Song Of The Viking
Can We Still Be Friends?
Hello It's Me
Bang On The Drum>Lion Sleeps Tonight

Encores: JOE & ETHEL Real Men TODD & ETHEL Pretending to Care TODD, JOE, & ETHEL While My Guitar Gently Weeps Black Maria

For me, the highlight of the night was "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" featuring all the performers. It was truly worth the price of admission for that alone! All in all, a magical, one of a kind night that all who witnessed can attest!

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05/14/2005 - Cadillac Palace Theatre - Chicago, IL

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